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2016 – The year of the harvest

Message channeled on December 30, 2015 – Inner Light Group

The year of 2016 will be the one you can call “the year of the harvest”, because it will come with the energy of the number 9, and everything will be a bit like the end of stories.

The energy of 9 is the one that represents the conclusion of cycles, the fulfillment of dreams and the closing of gaps. This number is feared by some because most of the time, when it appears, it is a synonymous of change, and you do not always accept it with open arms. But believe me, the changes are the gears of the Universe, and are responsible for the operation of everything.

The healing has already started in the last days of 2015; this energy is arriving with great strength, because throughout this past year, you remembered many things and, to every thing remembered or learned, as you like to say, something had to be dissolved. But some things had not been dissolved completely and this energy was necessary to come and assist you in this dissolution of useless beliefs that led you to the low frequencies.

Many went or will go, in those days, through very similar events that have already been experienced, because to heal the wound, we must first expose it, and only then medicate it. It’s the same with this process: some will feel the pain, but it will be temporary, because it has no longer a very deep connection with you. While others will not even feel that they are going through it, because the beliefing roots are loose.

Open your hearts to the energy of this wonderful year that is coming. Many who have awakened in recent years have had their lives turned upside down, because what you knew about life was what the Matrix had presented you. So it was necessary to revolutionise everything so you could start to see there was another way to live. Now, after a few years, the time has come for you to start seeing, inside and outside of you, a more beautiful and real life. Do not expect it to fit in what is considered “normal” to the Matrix. It will be the mirror of the Divine reality that is borning inside you, where there isn’t a lot of things in which you grew up believing that existed, like time and control, but it will be a beautiful adventure guided by the heart.

All you have to do is always ask yourself what is the best choice you can do at the time.

And remember, the harvest is beginning and you helped to plant, so you deserve all this and more.

Trust in the seed planted and trust in yourself,

We bless you from the Sun of Alcyon .

Inner Light Group.

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