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Abraham – Being in the flow

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Hello dear reader,

Today I am sharing with you an entire chapter of the book “The Power Within”, for the importance of being in the flow at this point that we are. The book is more than actual, because as said Abraham themselves, nothing, absolutely nothing is output without your inner power.

Good reading…

When the path is open, you feel that there is nothing better than being in the flow. Often you spend so much time out of the flow, so long locked in a situation that seems to be endless, that you do not have the faintest idea of how pleasant and easy is to be in the flow.

You spend years of your life holding onto situations that do not help you to evolve in the range of emotions, and without realizing it, with the passing years, you actually go down lower and lower on the scale of emotions. This happens because you do not take of your lives situations and constraints that arise from low frequency feelings.

So many come to the end of life with many illnesses and physical limitations, thinking they are effects of age or feeding, but in fact it was an effect of a lifetime in relationship with fear. This is the cause of all attachment, and attachment is the cause of all disease and fear does not allow the flow.

Fear blocks all possible exits of the flow. It takes you the joy, and taking the joy, it takes also takess you all that can be drawn through it. Each one has what he/she needs, this is a very questioned concept, but it’s true.

The Universe is very abundant, and for you, physical friends, the abundance of the Universe is unimaginable, and how can people (inhabitants of a small planet like Earth) go through hardships?

This answer will not make sense if you are not with the eyes in your interior, because they know it’s always okay, they know that everything that happens is a response to a frequency that has been emitted.

Of course that people who does not believe yet that all creation starts first with a desire that is born within us, can not believe that even when someone is experiencing “difficulties”, even so everything is okay, because the situation is in accordance to the frequency that he is sending.

You have a saying that says: “God does not give a  burden heavier than you can carry.” This saying comes from this universal law, so it is true. But many forget it in the middle of the pain that they are going in an uncomfortable situation, and then they start to distribute “guilties.”

The guilt is of the family, the government, the teachers, the driver, the medicines, the food, etc when in fact all discomfort that is happening is just because the welfare flow is not being received.

The welfare flow is the only flow that exists, and every uncomfortable situation that you are experiencing, is because you are out of it. For example, you did not wake up on time, because your alarm clock did not ring. Do you see yourself late, and then get out of your peace and start to think about all the horrible things that can happen to you because of this delay. You feel completely uncomfortable for that. You get dressed up and leaves home to catch the bus to go to work, even if you are late. So you’re on the bus on the way to work, when suddenly, you see through the window that the bus you’d get if you were out at the time, suffered a terrible accident with multiple injuried people. Then you are thankful for not having been able to catch that bus, and it becomes a “family history” because that day became a special day, a day to be remembered.

Every situation at its root, is not comfortable nor uncomfortable, it is you who evaluates. Often there is no time for the Universe show you “the whole work.” The delay in the morning was the beginning of the Universe work, which was completed later.

An interesting thing is that many times, you want something so much, and the Universe starts moving to give you that thing, then you get nervous, dramatically lowering your frequency, leaving the vortex and preventing the Universe to complete its work. But the one who lives in a welfare flow, he knows every move is what your eyes see, that is, he always sees the good side of things, and for him, the Universe is always free to act because it does not resist to anything, it lets all move on, like a magnificent river, which never asks where that journey will end, it only runs, quiet, confident that his journey is everything he has, and should be loved and celebrated forever.

Gratitude must be for all the things that happen around you, because they are only movements, and you do not know where this movements are going, but you are deeply enjoying the wonder to be in the flow, where everything is perfect and harmonious.

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