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Abraham- reformulate the method of “educating ” your children

Message channeled on November 23, 2015 – Abraham

We could start saying: forget everything you learned about how to educate your children, because the context and the children have changed completely .

When you were young , there was an energy, a way of looking at life , which is now outdated. The ways that parents educated their children were the same as they had been educated, and most of the time this was synonymous of fear, strenght and merit.

It was allowed, then, to parents beat their children, to  make threats and give punishment and was also allowed to them to apply the rule of the worthiness: “I let you do that if you behave well .”

This three rules supported all the “education” of a child.

But what has changed, what has made this whole system to collapse?

The own children!

The children who were born in recent years have been able to change this old paradigm, their consciences are more open and so they come with a much larger amount of information.

Many people say: “In my time I did not do this with my parents,” and it’s true . The fact is that you are going through the old to the new , then you are making a road that did not exist, you are getting the lessons you received and adapting them with that you feel is right to make at this point.

So it is not an easy task, because you  have to reshape beliefs and open yourselves to a new method of “educating ” your children .

Even the word “educate” will no longer be associated with this, because in fact you do not educate your children, but allow them to grow up protected and supported in your love .

You, parents of the present, are the first generation of the new, that is why you often feel unsure without knowing what to do, but your experiences will serve as models for future generations of parents and sons.

And these future generations will be more calm and self confident, as much from a side as from the other, but it was necessary for the children to come and incite their parents to leave the old way of being parents .

Today the talk, the explanation, is much more applied than a decade ago and this is part of the process.

In the future, all parents will know that their children have their own soul plans, and it does not help you wanting them to be your  copy, because it is not possible.

Even today, the rules in the life of a child or adolescent are important, but can never be used as a way for punishments or rewards .

The rules must be applied and based on love, the rules based on “because I decide” will no longer be effective.

Remembering that what you emanate to the Universe returns to you, if you emanate dissatisfaction and impatience to your children, it will return to you.

Your children are your fellow travelers, who are helping you to see your shadows that need to be healed. So in every irritation, make a self-analysis , ask yourselves about its reason.

What looks like something uncomfortable is providing you a path to self-acceptance .

We hope to have helped.

We leave you under the Light of the Creator .


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