Abraham – The ego and soul are two sides of the same coin

Message channeled on April 14, 2016 – Abraham

When you see two peoples at war, you grieve, you say that war does not make sense anymore, because today you already know that war brings only pain, without any benefit.

You are right, the war changes people and shows the worst pain a person can feel, both physical and emotional.

But what do you think that happens within you when you begin to make the separation, “this is my ego, this is my divine part?”

The worst thoughts and behaviors are automatically placed in the ego’s lap, and you become a “victim” of the story.

Those who create this kind of separation within itself and this  is creating for yourself the worst pain that can be created in a war between nations.

Every day has a confrontation, and in each confrontation there are victims fallen on the roads of consciousness.

The division does not bring more wisdom, it only brings division, and it only weakens you.

The ego and soul are two sides of the same coin. To be in this dimension, experiencing being a human, there must be these two parts. The ego does not need to die, as many say, he got go back to the place of executor, just that.

The soul decides what to do and the ego executes.

On the contrary to what happens to most of you, when the ego thinks and performs without the soul being called to the conversation, putting the ego as the villain of your consciousness, it is like putting yourself in the place of the victim of your own history.

Those who are victim can not change anything, but those who start to command your own life, will even command the ego.

The more relaxed you are, the more you ask yourselves what should be done now, the more you accept people and situations and also stop criticizing everything and everyone, more your ears will be open to the voice of the soul, and then the ego will be the “handyman” of your consciousness and not the boss.

The soul creates and the ego executes.

Simple as that, no fights or discomforts, both are you, if you injure one or another, it is the same as hurting your right or left hand, it will only bring you pain and discomfort, because the two are extremely useful for you.

We hope to have helped.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator.

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Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com