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Abraham – The importance and what is living in the NOW

Message channeled on October 9, 2015 – Abraham

Many who have awakened still make a bit of confusion, and many who are awakening , do not even know how to begin to reiterate when we talk about the  time, concerning what is living in the now .

So once again , we will be happy to explain.

Living in the now is being present where your body is .

It seems like a simple thing , but in most cases , you are not where you think you are .

We have to start saying that you are not your body, but the energy that inhabits it, then what happens is that you are, for example, sitting in the room, but yourself, your energy in the form of thought, is in another place, so it means that the moment that you should be in the room was not lived fully. This often means that situations that you should move to awaken in you certain frequencies should be repeated until you are present and achieve them.

Many think: “But how can I live in the now if I have to plan my day , visualize a wish and make a creation?

And it has a very simple answer, all this can only be done in the now.

See, if you have to plan something , sit down for a moment and plan it, then release it to the Universe, do not be thinking about how will be that creation 24 hours a day, because it was already planned .

The same way when you want to create something , sit down for a moment, use a time especially for this, do not use the time that should be devoted to other things to think about what you want to create or plan , just do what you set out to do at that moment.

If you are talking to someone , be there; if you are bathing , be there; if you are walking , be there; and if you are building or planning something , be there.

The important thing is always be totally there, only then you can use your energy in a positive way without compromising your creation nor the frequential goals that are your daily activities .

We hope to have helped.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator .


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