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Abraham – The Passage

Message channeled on September 3, 2015 – Abraham

The passage to the invisible, to the not physical, is a much feared moment by most people, but it should not be.

Everyone who is reading this message believe that life goes on, and on and on, but why, when the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one, there is this sense of loss, of missing?

We first want to explain that when a person leaves, he/she carries its own energy, and many people close and more sensitive feel the lack of this energy, and until the family nucleus is energetically adjusted, with the absence of that person, the relatives feel this lack and do not know very well what they are feeling. But this adjustment only takes a few days, and then what leads people to spend months and even years feeling the absence of the people gone?


Many may think that this can be cruel on our part, but that’s the truth. It is the resistance of the fact that life goes on and that each person has a soul plan and it does not matter if the person who left was new or old, health or sick, the father or the son, everyone has a plan that will be taken to the end so that it can be restarted. 

So when a person is leaving the body, it is because his/her soul and higher self, decided that it was time to live another magnificent adventure and this should not be a sad reason, but a reason of joy, because that being is going to expand himself elsewhere.

In the nonphysical there is much love, great care and a lot of help for those who are a bit confusing.

Many believe that those who make the crossing are pushed to the “nothing”, helpless, like those movie scenes of astronauts lost in space without oxygen.

Dear,  when you are doing the passage in your divine senses you are touched on and you begin to feel things you never felt before, and also begin to see things you never seen before, and it is a preparation for you to feel and see the help that will be with you in the effective time of the passage to Light, where you enter a higher dimension, protected by the love of those around you at that moment.

Death does not exist, the “natural order” also does not, as many are reluctant to accept that a soul came to live just for a few incarnated years, so they keep searching for someone guilty for the fact that a Being of only a few years old already has made its passage. But the truth is that Being only came to experience those few years, and this should be accepted and respected.

The fear of death should be abandoned, and the fear of passage too, for love and the light will go with you wherever you go, because the Creator is everywhere.

Love the All, with all the passages and transformations that He has.

We hope to have helped.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator.


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