“Abraham – “what do I think and what others think?”

Message channeled on August 22, 2015 – Abraham

We know how hard it is for you to take an action or make a choice that is not “normal”, that is accepted by the majority.

Whenever you should make a decision, in most cases, you put in the balance two things: “what I think?” “What others think?”, And as much a question as the other is based on beliefs, is based on things that have been learned.

The two questions are based on the external.

You can, even without realizing it, be repeating conditions taught by your parents, who are also in turn repeating conditions taught by their parents.

So that action you are doing actually is not yours, but of your grandparents.

This by itself is not “good nor bad”, it is always null nature, but you should ask yourself when making a decision, “How do I feel choosing it?” What emotion does it brings?

And it’s this emotion that will tell you whether this conditioning is limiting or potentiator.

But decisions should not be taken on the basis of the external, they must be taken on the basis of the feeling….

“What Am I Feeling?”

The final result should make you content, happy, without fear, guilt or sadness, only feeling that you have done what you wanted to do.

We know that you often do not know how to identify your emotions, and so you feel confused, but if you begin to ask yourselves all the time: “How am I feeling now?”, You will get to know you better and then your choices will be more related to this internal compass that speaks to you always through the emotions.

It is a training that you should always do, until it becomes natural for you again, knowing what you are feeling at that moment.

We hope to have helped.

We leave you through the Light of the Creator.


perfil LucianaLuciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com