Akashic Record – Guardian Zaknel talks about reading the Akashic

Message of June 19, 2016 – Zaknel, one of the guardians of the Akashic records

Beloved Luciana, I have known you forever,  I have your life here before my eyes, all your dreams and disappointments, I see here and now.

We have a different understanding of what is living, what is life or suffering. It’s a very different perception of the human one, but at no time inferior, only different.

We do not get sad with your sorrow, nor rejoice with your joy, this because we know that the scenes that take place in your experiences are not real, and they can not define your existence, or the joy of “getting something” and not the sorrow of “losing something”, it is not how we see.

In fact, what we really see in you is always the joy of the soul,  that one that is always with you, even in the worst depressions, it is always the joy that we see, because the soul never gives up to find a path to experience in this plan, even if it is through something that looks “bad”.

We see your lives incarnated as if we were directors of a play, we know that you in reality are far beyond than the role you are playing. We can not fool yourselves saying that one day you will have this perception that we have still embodied in this body in this dimension, but understand that this is part of this experience.

For those who are embarking towards the fifth dimension, everything will be different, there you will get very close to our vision, and it is not a matter of you trying to do this now, it’s a matter of you just do the best you can, because this is already the way to the fifth dimension.

Awakening is not a fight against yourself, the awakening is to embrace the dark parts that still exist in that consciousness of you, and then love will do the rest.

It’s like if you implanted a new program on your computer, those programs that clean the memories that are no longer useful. Once you start the program it starts to dig through all the files and start cleaning.

That’s what is being done, beloved, every time you do your best, the “love program” starts and some memory is thrown away. You can not clear all at once, as well as on a computer, if you are doing something that requires a lot of it, “it crashes.”

So it is with you, the number of memories to be cleaned is very large, so it’s not possible to do everything at once without suffering too much, leading even to the scarcity of energy of your human body, subsequently leading to a possible disembodiment without having completed the cleaning that you were willing to do.

Do your best is work in your consciousness quickly and safely, do not think at any moment that you are what you do or what you think, here in this dimension, in this incarnation, for you are beings with huge stories and only a of them can not be measured , and even if you knew all the stories, yet you could not use them for exaltation or condemnation, because in fact they are experiences stories of the Creator, and nothing more.

Do not evaluate your life, just live.

We hope this is the first contact of many which we will do through this channel.
Ascension is a fact and you are part of it.
I am Zacknel, one of the guardians of the Akashic records.

Channel: Without wanting to waste this great opportunity, I asked if he could leave me a personal message, speaking a little of my life. Of all the things he told me I want to share something that is important to many people.
The following excerpt:

“… Beloved friend, the Akashic records, are not as many think, a way of seeing the future, because what exist here are actually numbers and frequencies, in which you are arriving, has arrived or is likely to arrive.

When a human develops abilities to read the Akashic he interprets that frequency with the awareness that he has.

That is the reason people say things such as, “I see you in a strange place, I can not explain very well, I see you full of appliances, I do not quite know what it is, but I see you happy, full of joy, etc. . “. Because they try to use some fragments of this frequency to be able to “diagnose” what he/she is feeling.

We have a certain experience – laughter – then we know that is possible to actually happen, but a human with your ability, do not … ”

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