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Angel Kais – what is the truth behind the VACCINES

Message channeled on April 19, 2016 – Angel Kais, on behalf of the Council of Angels

Dear children,

I am the Angel Kais, I speak on behalf of the Council of Angels. (NOTE: even your Guardian Angels)

We want to talk a little about the diseases, dietary supplements and vaccines. We will begin to speak in the name of love we feel for you, about the vaccines.

Today the vaccines have become very normal and more accessible to all. In all countries there are always some type of vaccine that is free, and there are promises that if the vast majority of the population take it, there will be no epidemic, and thus it will avoid the suffering of many people with that disease.

Each day, more and more diseases and vaccine are created. You already realized that today vaccines are created more rapidly, that is because the vast majority of vaccines are created in the same laboratory of the diseases. As if they produced the poison and the antidote at the same time.

Clearly, there are still researchers and scientists who work thinking of ending the suffering that some diseases bring, but these are the minority, as most do researches oriented to do so, without knowing for sure what are the purpose of what they are doing. They are like those workers who work in diamond mines that simply put the excavated soil in trucks. They spend their lives putting tons of earth onto trucks for transport it to the company that will sift it and will finally find the diamonds contained in it.

Vaccines are actually a way to put into your body the frequency of the disease, because now everyone knows that the vaccine is made with the same virus or the same bacteria that causes the disease, but modified.

So, by taking them, you are actually opening up yourselves to the diseases, and the vaccines are being used as a transport, which puts within your physical bodies all that they (the dark ones) decide to put , by the need of “necessity” of the government in question.

Not to mention that all of them are made with highly toxic substances, which remains incubated in your body, and as soon as you arrive at certain frequencies, that is, when you accumulate negative frequencies, these substances can act on your physical body, bringing diseases and discomforts.

Many were asking this question, about what is the truth of vaccines, so we came to answer, but if you will or will not take them and give them to your children, it is your choice.

The disease is an experience, is never something that is going against you, they are part of your choices, are part of the soul plan and even the karma, but for one thing or another, it is a leading experience that will take you to self-knowledge.

When you are ill, feeling tired and discouraged, in fact you begin an inner search of what resonates with you or not.

For example, there are people who after going through a serious illness, they feel completely different, their priorities change and their way of living life changes completely. This is because at that moment the person began to release things that were stored inside him/her.

We’re not saying this is the only way to release the accumulated low-frequency energy, but we are saying that when a disease appears, it is actually an opportunity to seek a lighter life without the stones that pulled you down.

For those who still have doubts, we will clarify once again, the disease does not come from bacteria or viruses, they come from your accumulated emotions.

So that is why you can be “exposed” to the same viruses and bacteria that other people are, and sometimes you get sick and others do not. It does not happen because a body is more immune than the other. All bodies are equal, The difference is the conscience, what you “keep” in the invisible, because your bodies are nothing more than a reflection of what is stored inside of your consciousness.

Viruses and bacteria exist, but you are in touch with them all the time, so it’s not the contact that sickens you,

The foods are also not what give us health, because it also comes from our consciousness.

Our welfare will never come from an external source, it is connected directly to our interior. So, for us the desire to have a healthy diet is to feed yourself with what you choose to eat. It is always your frequency that dictates what kind of food you should eat.

There is no right or wrong, there are those who have already taken much of the suffering within themselves, then they start to not have anymore the desire to eat meat, because the animal’s suffering is something intolerable for them.

There are those who have not done this way yet or are still getting it, then their frequencies are still resonating with eating meat, and all is well, it is a frequential choice, no one is more or less, everyone is doing their own paths, that are leading  to self-discovery.

Once you understand that health comes from you, dietary supplements are not necessary, you will never lack anything, because foods are sources of energy and in no way are the source of your health.

To have a perfect health you need only to take care of your choices, of your feelings, emotions and limiting beliefs.

The physical body must be treated carefully with love, care and respect, but you have other bodies that should be treated equally. So treat your emotional, mental and karmic bodies the same way, because that’s where you accumulate the energy, both of high and low frequencies.

We hope this information is useful in some way for you to clarify the doubts that still inhabit your conscience.

Eu sou o Anjo Kaís, falando pelo Conselho dos Anjos.

That the love of the Great Creator and the blessings of all creation are on you. We are at your side all the time, just a request, and we will be working on your behalf.

I am the Angel Kais, speaking for the Council of Angels.

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