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Archangel Jophiel – the maneuver that installs the separation in your consciences

Message channeled on February 7, 2016 – Archangel Jophiel

Greetings Darlings,

All roads lead to self-knowledge . This was translated by many religions, as follows: “All roads lead to God.” This conception of leading you to God is part of a maneuver to install the separation in your consciences.

Self-knowledge leads you to the Divine that you already are, so I can tell you that there is no higher perfection than the person you are now, for this condition, this awareness is leading you to experience the return to yourselves.

So there is no right or wrong form to go through this road , there is no better meditation, best prayer , best technique or best guidance , there are only those which better adapt to you .

Each one has inside yourself your own “user’s manual”, and it has been built day after day, incarnation after incarnation , experience after experience, so that’s why what you see as true has no room for doubt, because for you, in that moment, it really is.

Without explanations, justifications, your truth is unique and should be respected by yourselves , and then it will be respected by others.

Do not hide yourselves behind the “truths” in which most people believe, it will only slow down your process of self-knowledge and yet it will add daily doses of suffering and frustration.

The basis of experience is individuality, so it does not make sense that you renounce yours in order to be accepted by others. Everything that you believe is part of this individuality , which is the basis of all the universe, and it is important both for you and for the collective.

By bringing up your truths, you are being yourselves and this will give you the opportunity to know who you really are .

There is no need to convince anyone of your truths, because they are yours , but there is also no reason to hide them .

Treat your truths and the people around you with the same care that you would like to be treated

The Light is working everyday in your Being to free you and bring out the Divinity that exists within each one.

Be, my darlings , be!

I bless you with the Golden Flame .

I am Archangel Jophiel.

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