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Archangel Metatron – A cycle based on listening to your heart

Message channeled on September 7, 2015 – Archangel Metatron

Beloved ones,
Once again I come to bring my love and gratitude for the wonderful work that you are developing.

For those workers who are showing the path, thanks for always being available to people who are awakening, because you can see more broadly the size of awakening, almost every day come to you several people who who have just discovered that the Creator goes far beyond what has been taught to them, and that’s wonderful.

And for you that awakened not long ago, I mean, as much as around you, there are no friends or relatives who think like you, and in the streets perhaps you can not find people who think like you, but if you search for groups in social networks, you will see that there are thousands and thousands of people scattered all over the planet who think just like you.

I am saying this so that you can be convinced that you are not alone, there are many incarnated souls to receive you with open arms.

All this change that is happening, both in the planet and in the people, is an action of the feminine power that is exposing your sensitive part, what you feel rather than think, because thinking must occur after the feeling, and it can never question the feel.

The feeling comes from the Sacred Heart of your Divine part, where everything is perfect and fluid, and the thought is able to perform what the feeling is saying.

And so the two powers are in harmony, male and female, feeling and thinking ..

When you decide to balance these two energies that exists within you, you should completely abandon the motives or reasons, because many times you want or do not want to do something just based on feeling, and if anyone asks you: “but why you made this decision?” and you do not have an answer because there is no reason at the time. But then it turns out that the decision made was the best, the most profitable one might have.

The feminine power is now you teaching how to live based on feel, because you spent a lot of time dominated by the male power, which in itself is not “bad”, what does not help you is the imbalance between these two powers .

So the power of the female is giving you very strong wills, which are unlike anything that you are living, so that you begin to balance the two energies within yourself. And also because most of the decisions you have taken, was made by the rational and not by the heart, and that means that at this point it may be that you live a situation which is not in harmony with you. The power of the feminine are giving you strength and support necessary for you to take courage to close down a disharmony cycle and start in a cycle based on your heart because he will  always give you situations that are in harmony with you.

The more you resist to get carried away by your dreams or for your wills “without reason”, the more you will suffer, because in the way you are it is inevitable, only when you are following your dreams that you will feel free, peaceful and in harmony with the whole.

Work due to the realization of your dreams, not as if you are “trying to be happy” but because this is the only way that really worth walking, if you put that determination in your life, you will be using your female power in a broader and more harmonious way.

I love you and bless you,
I am Archangel Metatron

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