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Archangel Michael – 2016 , the year the physical time ceased to exist

Message channeled on January 14, 2016 – Archangel Michael

Greetings beloved Masters,

This year that is starting will also be known as the year in which the physical time ceased to exist.

It’s been a few decades that the time has been decreasing. You, who is now 40 or 50 years old , know that when you were children time was slower than it is today . Many of you face this as something that you are missing , but dear, that is just a feeling , because time is actually freeing you.

 Before the prayers took ​​longer to be answered, the law of attraction had to wait much longer to materialize. And the more time decreases, more you can move faster.

So for us, this reduction of time is wonderful , and not yet knowing it very well , that’s exactly what you always wanted.

I want to bring some advice on this new path, that much faster path you are walking now.

Time is accelerated, and this is not a synonymous of having no time . What happens is that without the delay that existed before, when you were waiting for everything, now you will have to be more objective.

This has nothing to do with not being a loving person, but has to do with seeking simplicity, seeking ease and pleasure, leaving aside the anger and bitterness, both of which take a lot of your “time”.

Focus more in yourself and in your life. See if what you are doing or thinking is useful to you in some way, whether it is or not giving you joy.

See if you are giving a lot of your day to the outside, because it also takes a lot of your “time”.

Do not stop your day because of sad thoughts , this will not help you to continue the walk. Analyze the sadness, as if it belonged to a friend, and then set it aside.

When you are focused on producing happiness, well-being and joy, time magically multiply in front of you.

Because, in fact, the time has always been a sensation, and now that the energy that sustained it is over, the time has come for you to create the non-time inside you.

This means that you will create the speed or delay there, inside yourselves, with your perception .

It’s been a long time the phrase “time is relative” is known and it will be more evident every day that you are into this own perspective and more out of time.

With the “passage of time” you will adapt to this new way of guidance, and in fact, the more “time passes”, more you will feel like creators of  time itself.

Do not be distracted by things that do not give you pleasure, because you don’t have time for it (laughter). Focus on loving and being loved , because the thing that distracts you mostly are your thoughts.

Your experience is entering the Now, and if you commit yourself in being connected with it, it will be much easier, but the Now will be established anyway in your life, that is, if you are attentive, you will gain a partner to create your own time. But if you are distracted, you will feel increasingly delayed, without “time” for nothing. 

Focus yourself in the Now and let the own experience teach you that your power can create all situations, so that you can experience everything.

We are at your side to help you, forever, you only need to think.

I bless you with my light and love.

I am Archangel Michael.

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