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Archangel Michael – Magic is in the air

Message channeled on September 17, 2015 – Archangel Michael

Beloved masters ,

These are wonderful times where so many things are beginning to enter the human physicality , where the invisible begins to be seen with the eyes of the heart and begins to be enjoyed with the human mind .
Because this is the way from now on.
Before you looked with the eyes of the human mind and did everything to aprecciate with the heart, and when you could not, your mind said to you, ” it’s okay, I know what I see ” , but now the time is different , now what the heart can see is being shown to the mind as the truth to be followed, and it, as a good partner, will assist you in your choices , because this is the mission of the human mind , helping you to perform what the heart decide .

That’s why, from now on, the contact with yourself is essential , as this increasingly frequent contact will make you begin to better understand the language of the heart , because it is very subtle and polite, it will only advise you, but the decision to accept or not the advice is in your hands .

Know that before you heart indicates anything , it makes a thorough evaluation to know which way to indicate you, it takes into account the soul plan and the frequency of the situation or the person, then after all is rated it gives you the emotion that will indicate to you the easiest and most profitable way, because its purpose is always facilitate your journey .

Sometimes this may mean to behave in a way that you never acted before, or sometimes you make choices that you had never done before , but if you follow it, the result will always be much better then you were expecting , because it will be the perfect result for your soul.

So beloved masters, we’re at this time when consciences are expanding more and more, and many tools are available , but they will not necessarily invade your lives in an overwhelming way , most of the time they come in subtle ways , and over time they will develop, giving you the chance to enjoy the whole route. So if you start to feel your consciousness to do something new , and the next day it does not do anymore , do not get discouraged thinking it will not happen anymore, think you are in the process , and it’s beautiful the way it is, and this is a tool that is at your disposal , and that gradually , according to the increase in your rate, it will become increasingly effective .

But the road to all of the tools is the heart , for it is through him that your Higher Self gives you permission for using these tools, always respecting your soul plan.

Enjoy this period of discovery , because it may be happening and you have not realized .

Magic is in the air …(laughs)

Call me whenever you need . I bless you with my Light and my love.

I am Archangel Michael

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