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Archangel Michael – the energies will bring an end to many cycles in your life

Message channeled on December 21, 2015 – Archangel Michael

Beloved Masters,

Today humanity was presented with the Solstice energies (December 21) and also with the energies from a multidimensional portal, and these energies will bring an end to many cycles in your life.

Beggining today, pay attention to all the changes that arise in your lives , because as you already know, it is impossible to reach the new if you are attached to the old .

If something or someone is going out of your lives , do not look to it with pain or distress , but look at it as the first step towards a transformation that will lead you to a new place of ​​great pleasure and well-being.

The more detached you are, the faster will come the second step of the transformation, that will lead you to the third, and then the fourth, and so on. Do not let old limiting beliefs control your happiness.

The experiences you came to live here, they are just moments, do not try to look at life as a task, because it is not, it’s just a journey made ​​of small moments, and you will never be able to have happiness and peace if you are thinking that the experience is outside, i.e., having things or relationships, the experience is internal. It awakens your emotions, your feelings, and that’s the purpose, to feel what living in Gaia is in an human role.

So allow yourself to look for happiness in every moment of your life and so you will be living intensely this magnificent experience.

You are never still, everything, including you, is always in motion, and the first movement are your thoughts. Use them to build the life of your dreams, trust in your creative power, and the Universe, through the magnetism, will bring to you the situations that you wish to live .

The experience exists to bring you a feeling, and if this feeling starts with your thinking, it means that you are in the way of Materialization. So pay attention to your thoughts, what are the emotions that they are providing you, and choose the feelings, the higher frequencies emotions, so you will have higher frequencies materializations as well.

The year of 2016 arrives as a year of many achievements, as a year of quantum leaps in the individual and in the collective area. But for this you must allow a cycle to close, so that others can open.

We know it is not always easy, as the illusion of loss leads you into a frenzy, then you feel terrified as if there was not a sequel, but masters, there is always a continuation, because the Universe reinvents itself every second.

It’s time to trust more, both in the Universe and in yourselves, because trust takes you to the peace, and tranquility takes you to live a fulfilling experience, filled with adventure and happiness.

We are always here and it always gives us a great pleasure to help you. Just one thought, and we will be at your side.

I bless you with light and love.
I am Archangel Michael

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