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Arcturians – Who will benefit from the powerful energies that are coming

Message channeled on September 15, 2015 – Arcturians

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I asked our galactic brothers if any of them would tell me what it meant to them these energies that are bathing the whole universe.


Greetings beloved sister. We liked your question, and we will answer it with great pleasure.

Most of the messages that you receive, that tell about the energies of the coming months, refer only to the effects that they will have over Earth and humanity. So we’ll tell you what these energies will do with all the planets and celestial bodies of the universe.

Many who are awakening now think that the energies are only for Gaya, for your planet, but in fact these energies will reach all the universe, that’s why it is not only humanity who wait anxiously for them, we all expect them.

We will explain that the entire universe is interconnected and the Central Sun is a major energy distributor, then when He emanates energy, that energy runs throughout the energetic grid of the universe.

It’s like the Christmas lights that you put into the trees, when you connect the socket all the lights come on in the same way. We mean that the same way you are being bathed by the incoming energies, we also are, all the planets and celestial bodies of this universe.

It also means that we are all expanding.

The consciousness of all beings of this universe is simultaneously expanding with yours, it is growing in amount of love and light in all. The difference is that in the lower dimensions you feel more the expansion than in the highest, because we no longer have shadows, limiting beliefs that exist in your dimension, so for us there is no “side effect” which happens to you, such as body aches, confusion, irritation, etc. We are already more open to them, so they come and settle.

What for you may be a synonymous of cleaning, for us is only welfare. You can look at us and say that our life is much easier than yours, and it’s true, but you chose to live something you had never experienced before, because outside the body, with full consciousness, you know everything is just an experiment, as if you are in a simulator, and nothing more.

We know that the look of the third dimension says there is a ceiling for happiness, for the well-being, but in fact it does not exist, so we were expecting these energies a long time ago, like you, because we did not see the time to help you get out of the darkness, but we also did not see the time for ourselves, to have more expansion of our consciousness.

These energies are coming because they are “daughters” of a great desire, which was dreamed by most part of living beings in this universe, only in this way there was enough energy to attract these wonderful incoming energies that are driving us all on the path of expansion.

We conclude by saying, let these energies expand your consciousness, align with them and everything will happen in the easiest way, you can always call us if  you need any help for this alignment, for us it will be a pleasure to help.

Light and Love,
We are the Arcturians.

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