Blue Dragon – The Dragon Heart

Message channeled on January 22, 2016 – Blue Dragon

Many movies and legends revolve around the heart of the Dragon. This has a reason, and it is because we are beings with the male and female power balanced, which means the power that exists in our heart is so big as the one that exists in the Central Sun Alcyone .

For us, the doubts and fear does not exist. We know them and understand their effects, but we do not feel them.

Our heart is really big and fits everyone who search for balance, because that’s all you can find in it

They told you that the heart is the place of the feelings, the emotions, and if you do not externalize it in a certain way, it means that you have no heart. But the heart is only a source of pure power. When there aren’t such divisions, which exist in this dual plan, the heart is really powerful when this “love” you say you feel cease to exist, for love is actually very different from what you understand.

It is not a feeling or an emotion, love is the same thing than acceptance, because only in acceptance it’s possible to exist its conditionality .

The unconditional love is something distant from the emotions, it means that there is balance within the heart between the two powers, and also means that it does not reject anything.

It does not need to approve nor be approved by anyone, it accepts that another heart can be in a different phase than it is, without being affected.

Because unconditional love does not know what is to charge something, nor being charged .

Unconditional love is also very far away from being achieved by all mankind, only a few managed to reach unconditionality.

But we use the expression “far away” so you can understand, so that it can make sense to you, because near or far, it is only an individual perception, it is not something that exists in the Divine reality.

So actually, what we wanted to say is that unconditional love is on its way, but there is still a road to be travelled by all of you, and as the first step of the way, do not charge anymore the perfection and total acceptance from the others, because this is out of acceptance , then it’s out of unconditionality.

Love is really the only thing that exists, and you all have it inside you, but the unconditionality can only exist where there is acceptance, the absence of criticisms, where there is a perfect union between the masculine and the feminine .

The quest should start, because having a balanced heart in this dimension is also a materialization, it only happens if there is a search, if there is the focus and the energy required.

We put our hearts at your disposal, the heart of the Dragon, so when you align with us you enjoy this frequency of unconditional love and gradually our frequency change yours.

Everything is changing and your heart must also change, it needs to break the paradigm of conditionality and enters the New Era, where there is balance and acceptance .

Ask us our hearts, everyday, and we will give you the frequency of it.

Light and Love
Blue Dragon

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