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Blue Dragon – the true meaning of what you call chaos

Message channeled on March 16, 2016 – Blue Dragon

Many of you have heard that when the world was created there was chaos. I also know that when you heard this, you have no idea what is chaos on a planetary scale.

But we know , because us, the Dragons, were here when it all started.

Chaos is basically the imperfection of magnetism , it means that similar energies do not attracted themselves with all the accuracy  they should.

Today, when you use the word chaos to some aspects of your life or your society, there is nothing more inappropriate than this, because today magnetism works in absolute perfection, very different from how it was in the beginning , when each power and frequency had to get used to be who they were , so it was more or less like when you adopt a dog who is already an adult.

You give it a name, but before people called him by another name, and at first, when you call him, he does not know that you are talking to him until he realizes that when he hear that name , in fact you are calling him to play, and so he goes. This happened with the energies and frequencies .

In your lives or in your society there is no kind of chaos, there is only magnetism operating according to what is being emanated .

Now that you already know what is chaos, and know what’s happening, it’s the magnetism freely operating. Begin using it to your advantage.

Emanate love, trust , light, pleasure, friendship, happiness , companionship, and everything that come back will  fit into these frequencies.

Your life is like a complete puzzle, has parts that are easier and others that are not, but concentrate on the thought that all parts are at your disposal , then sooner or later you will find the solution you seek.

We let the blessings of the Creator.
Light and Love
I ‘m the Blue Dragon.

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