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This week – 9 to 11/11 – receiving a huge amount of information to your conscience

Message channeled on November 9, 2015 – Archangel Metatron

Greetings, Beloved ones.

This week that is starting has never been experienced before. It is energetically unlike any other, because the energy that is coming with greater intensity, beggining today, is something completely new.

It is a bath power, a bath power that will bring the awakening of some parts who insist on sleeping in all of you.

In the light of this portal, the 11/11 is very special, because it contains a huge amount of information to your conscience .

You never received so many codes at once .

Starting today and until next week , it is important to increase the volume of ingested water, because water is a conductor of energy and it will cause assimilation of these informations, being distributed more easily to your subtle bodies.

The Light is wonderful, but if you are blocked , it can bring discomfort, as much physically as emotionally, because energy will bring to light what is hidden in darkness , so the more water you take , the less your physical bodies will feel the energies effects , and the more relaxed you are , the less you will feel emotional discomfort .

It is important to understand that this process will be for everyone, so those who have not awakened will also feel uncomfortable , nervous and angry , but you, light workers , who know the real reason for all this , must remain in peace , without worrying with the aggression that may come to light in some people.

Look at them as if you are looking to a sleepy child. In the moment you come out of your peace , you are no longer the headlights that humanity desperately needs

Keep this information inside your consciousness , be the peace that you want to live , moving away from fights and arguments , just continue on your way .

Do not continue a conversation if you are not sure you can remain in peace .

Anchor these energies , they will be helping you to create a better balance in your subtle bodies , a more sustainable balance . Ask for help to align with them more quickly and easily .

It is an unique moment, darlings, that should be celebrated. The Creator is offering you a really big help , because you are the most important peaces in this whole process of ascension, you wake up and all the others awake by the path done by your energies , attracted by them.

Be the headlights, and not the dark points.

You can do it, we trust in your capacity , and we’re seeing here, on this side of the sky , all the wonderful process that you have done so far.

You can call us whenever you need .

I love you and bless you.

I am Archangel Metatron.

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