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Fear will be a sort of “museum piece”, as well as time

Message channeled on August 18, 2015 -Sananda and Mary

Greetings beloved children of the One.

We are here once again to tell you how much these energies of August are being wonderful and how much you are being worked out by them.

Since the beginning of the month, you went through many intensities of these transformative and potentiating energies. They arrived in a subtle way and weent growing in intensity day after day, until their peak, that was in the portal day (August 8, 2015 »portal 888). After that they will reduce a little, but still will remain very powerful.

We are talking about these energies through many channels and messengers, so that this information reaches all those who reach it, because it is an extremely important information, these energies are a watershed for humanity.

The function of these energies are not only to bring out the shadows to be healed, as you were already accustomed, but they go far beyond that, they are energies that will bring the awakening of past lives; will bring the potentiation of the chakras; and thus you will have a mental clarity that was asleep for a long time and this will be a training for the upcoming energies of September, which will enhance this mental clarity and help you to completely kill off the fear, be it of any nature, it will no longer exist.

Fear will be a sort of “museum piece”, as well as time.

It will only exist for those who believe in it, because for those who are willing to release him/herself from it, will only find facilities to extinguish it.

And all this will be wonderful.

So before these energies of September arrive, take the opportunity to work with the knowledge, which is blooming within you all.

Believe in intuitions that will appear to you, because they are your Divine part that is doing everything to  return to you the divinity that you thought you had lost, but in reality was only waiting for this moment.

It is important to be aware that these energies will show you what needs to be seen and often this will tell you that what should be done will go against what is “normal” to most people.

But every time that your intuition shows a way, it is certainly the best way for you in that moment, and if you listen to it, you will be in the divine flow.

We are thrilled with every advance that we (you and us) are doing and we look forward to see you increasingly sovereign of your own lives.

Call us if you need.
We bless you from the Sun of Alcyon
We are Sananda and Mary

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