Great White Brotherhood – The only kingdom that is still in internal conflict, is humanity

Message channeled on 1 April 2016 – Seraphis bey, White Brotherhood

Dear children of the Supreme Creator, I am Seraphis Bey.

I am here today as the Great White Brotherhood spokesman to bring a message for the mankind

My coming, along with the other Masters, is happening around the globe by many channels. The spokesman for these messages may change, but we will all speak on behalf of our brotherhood.

It is necessary to bring to the attention of mankind to the need to leave differences aside and work for the transmutation of humanity and the planet.

As the plan advances, your degree of involvement become increasingly necessary, because all the energy that comes in this galaxy, through the magnetic grid that distributes the Light, will only be absorbed and utilized if it has a resonance, and this resonance happens with all beings of all kingdoms that exist on this planet.

The only kingdom that is still in internal conflict is humanity. This means that you are not absorbing all the energy that is at your disposal. When you look at a person, actually you see the physical expression of a personality, it means that you are seeing divinity and shadows of that consciousness.

Of course when you do an analysis of that person, you are using your consciousness, which is also constructed in the same way, the flaws you see in the other are the same that exist in you.

But yours are “justifiable” to you and the others are not. The more you are busy with the “errors” that others commit, the greater will be the way in the search for yourself. Finding the “errors”, looking at the “defects”, having the finger always ready to point to someone, always have an opinion, it’s all synonymous with the fact that the control of your journey is in the hands of your human part, your ego.

He, the ego, is a partner of the soul, but he should not be put in charge of the management of your life. This position belongs to the soul, because it has features that the ego will never own.

The soul knows your road, she works with the Creative Mind and the Sacred Heart.

She is always based on love, she does not feel in competition with anyone and accepts everyone and everything, sure of herself, because she has no doubt of who she is.

The union of all of you depends on this change of positions. Take away the ego and put the soul as the head of your consciousness. Do not want to understand life, people or events, just live.

Get out of the position of judges of the world and return to the position of incarnated angels, because that’s what you are, beloved, incarnated angels that are here to balance and anchor the Light and love so this planet has the necessary support to bring the changes that everyone wants to live.

Those who are reading this message, may be sure, it was not by chance. This is a message that we are leaving registered to you.

Because if you, incarnated angels, start to unite yourselves in divinity, leaving aside the fights, arguments, disagreements, which belong only to the ego, you will be in full activity of your mission, it means that you will be doing your part, which is to love.

Love everything and everyone, pouring blessings and building a wonderful now, not only for yourselves but for the whole planet.

Love, dear children of the Supreme, love is the only thing that exists and sustains the happiness you want so much to live. Forget your differences and unite in divinity. That’s the reason you came and that’s what you are expecting. Be united and lovingly conscious of the wonderful power of transformation that this union will bring to you all.

We, from the Great White Brotherhood, we leave you with many blessings of love and fulfillment. Never forget that we are always at your side.

We are the Great White Brotherhood.

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