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How to quit smoking

Message channeled on December 28, 2015 – Abraham

We will leave a message for those who want to include in their New Year’s lists “stopping smoking”, and we will leave these effective advices on how to do it.

First, it is important to understand that smoking does not poison the physical body, it poisons your energetic body and, therefore, the physical body becomes ill.

When you start smoking, you begin to relate yourself energetically with very low frequencies, and it goes beyond that. The energy of the cigarette takes your energy into a great state of confusion, and then you lose the sensitivity to know what you are really feeling .

Something very interesting happens in the first few times you smoke: you cough, and it happens not because the lungs are not used to it, but because energetically you are defending yourself against that frequency, which is often inferior to the one you are used to relate to.

And as you begin to get used to the frequency, the body gets also used to it, but this is a momentary state, as the accumulation of this frequency will bear its fruits.

The energy of the cigarette fools you and gives you a false sense of well-being, security and happiness.

As time goes by, you will build mindsets where the cigarette begins to be the protagonist of many experiences that you do every day, like smoking after eating, smoking to “relax”, smoking to “break” the frustration and sadness, smoking after sex, and so on. Without using it, you feel you are missing something, because of the energy confusion.

After understand that the cigarette takes away your energy sensitivity, we want to tell you that despite this, it isn’t more powerful than your intention added to your focus. So, if you really decide that you want to write another story, you will make it without suffering, because this is another mental program, the one that says that quitting smoking is difficult.

To start, when you want to light a cigarette, remember all that we’ve said so far, about how it deceives you and confuses your sensitivity. Then, ask yourselves if you really want to do this or if you can leave it to another moment.

If by chance you choose to light it, do it , but do not smoke until the end as you usually do, put it out by half, for example.

Because when you light a cigarette you are beginning a cycle and when you put it out, you are ending this cycle , but if you put it out before, it’s like the cycle had not been completed, then it will be a little harder to start the next cycle.

With only a few times doing this process, thinking before you light the cigarette, ask yourself if you really want to do it at that time, putting it out by the half. Doing this you are awakening your inner power and will also be free from the cigarette frequency.

Quitting smoking is a manifestation , so it also requires intention and focus.

We hope to have helped you.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator.


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