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I AM the pure energy of the Universe

Message channeled on February 10, 2016 – Jesus

Dear Brothers,

That our communion can be made in this exactly moment, through the golden ray and the Christic Light, so breathe deeply and feel the energy coming.

It is always a great pleasure to be at your side, there is no greater pleasure than that of doing what you want , and I want and like very much to be at your side, helping you in your experiences.

For many who have not yet awakened and also for many who are awakening, the feeling of inadequacy or displacement have been present lately, but this was already expected to happen and will continue to happen, if these beloved souls do not give the second step, which is that of going out of control and to surrender to the magic that lives inside everyone.

The power you have is waking up , and whenever an energy starts circulating , it causes discomfort, because it has to open a road that does not exist yet, there is no space in your lives to believe in your power, in your intentional creation .

You lived your lives as victims of fate or chance and also, for many of you, victims of God or the ” Devil “, but this duality between good and evil is ending inside you, and that is awakening this energy, bringing this discomfort , the feeling that it is no longer possible to continue living here, like this.

But dear brothers , this is very good, this is your return to your soul, to the Sacred Heart , and the more space you make inside yourself, to make things happen without your attachment, the faster this feeling will disappear .

Do not allow your human part to throw you from one side to another , saying everything is wrong, that nothing good happens, and that’s why you feel that way. No, my dear!

The experience is just beginning for you , and all you have to do is let it happen, without trying to control anything .

If you feel sad and frustrated, let it happen, do not look for a cause, just observe and repeat to yourself: “I am the pure energy of the Universe , I am always safe and supported in love.”

Feel the force that exists in it, there is no pain and no fear in this sentence, there is only the certainty that you are the Universe moving.

Be patient with your progress , because it is happening in the most comfortable speed for you .

There is no reason to compare yourselves with others, that the experiences of other people are just great examples to encourage you to pursue the path of detachment, letting life happen without creating any low frequency emotion around you .

Life is changing very fast, dear ones, so be ready for the next step at any time, and that means to always be ready to let go of situations , without any attachment to them .

This will make you walk faster and will also make you happier.

I’m at your disposal , call me if you need my help.

I bless you with the Christic Light .

I am Jesus, the Christ

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