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In this new age, the Sacred Heart will be one in charge

Message channeled on October 14, 2015 – Pleiadians

Beloved star sister, we want to share through you the wonderful view we have of the time that you are going through .

This is certainly a unique moment , but it goes beyond that , there was never even a moment like this .

Even for us, all that we see happening with you, and consequently throughout the galaxy , is new.

The difference between us and you is that we have a clearer view of events , so it is easier for us to have patience and good cheer before all the things that are happening on your planet at this time .

The energies that are coming are changing everything , although the final result has not yet arrived , the change already exists.

It’s like when it was produced the first gasoline car on your planet , it’s not that you quickly saw these cars roaming the streets , but when the first one was produced , it had started to change the way in which you move around the streets.

So is the time in which you live, the energies are working intensely, even if you still could not see the results of their work, the changes they are making will transform the entire planet and all mankind.

That’s how we see this moment. Although there are still scenes of pain and destruction , even so we know that the change has already begun.

All of you are being encouraged to work your heart, with the feeling for these energies , and that means that many of you are beginning to completely change the mindsets or limiting beliefs that linked you to the third dimension , for a higher perception.

This is a process that most often can be slow, but this is not a reason to discourage you , because you must remember always that the important thing is the change and not the speed in which it’s changing , and you all are doing your best so that everything is done at the best way.

We know that often you feel disconnected , but this is only a perception, because in fact you are more united with the Source today than a few years ago.

Focus on your sacred heart, this is where you really are, that is where your energy is concentrated and distributed throughout your journey .

The heart has to be your command center , because the age of thoughts as the guide of your actions has ended .

Because thoughts can only lead you to where they already know, making your lives limited. But the heart , it takes you to the Whole, to the unlimited.

We are always at your disposal , beloved star brothers .

Light and love.

We are your Pleiadians Brothers.

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