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Jesus – Criticisms are “grandchildren of the ego and children of the limiting beliefs”

Message channeled on May 3, 2016 – Jesus

Beloved children of the One,

All who are going through the way of awakening, are finding themselves, this means coming face to face with their shadows.

Everybody, when start to walk on this road, do it because they feel that life can be better than the one that they are living at the time.

That is because it’s all upside down or because the void that is within the person is so big that nothing of what he/she has experienced in his/her life is big enough to fill that hole.

When the first steps are taken, it all starts to make sense, information that appears in front of him/her seem to have been written thinking about his/her life, and the more he/she read, more the answers come and more he/her feels that life really can be better than the one he/she lived up to that time.

Within each person there is a “leaven” which needs only a bit of water to activate.

Although there is a big internal activity going on, in that stage, in most of the times, there is still not  enough frequency to make your external world changes. That’s because it has not yet begun to make adjustments in the consciousness that would bring into your reality these changes.

What could be the subject of a beauty and a happy self discovery, becomes harrowing and grim.

At this point, when there are a lot of new information in your consciousness and little intentional manifestation in the outside world, the time has come to love.

If at that time love does not begin to fill you, you start a real “witch hunt” within yourselves, “blaming” the schedules, the limiting beliefs, the energy of other people, the dark ones and everything else that comes to your head.

Then you go out looking within yourselves  the responsible frequency for your “problem” of money, “problems” with relationships, such as work, etc.

But this search does not have a discovery of positioning, but it is a real hunt, in which there is only the intention to catch the “responsible and kill it.”

Where is love in the sentence?

“The ego has to die”
There is love nowhere!

The mastery only comes with acceptance, and accepting the ego is a part of it.

He was never your enemy, on the contrary, he’s your best friend, who defends you, does not let you lose or let others humble yourself.

The question is to make it understand that there is no problem if someone says something trying to humiliate you or harm you. When it understands that you do not need defense, then it becomes the greatest helper that a soul could want.

The criticisms you make yourself and others, are in fact the grandchildren of that ego “defender” and children of limiting beliefs.

When you start wanting to embrace acceptance, the process of changing the ego begins, because acceptance is the great antidote to that criticism no longer dictates the thought, then the belief that created it will be dissolved and the ego that you idealized will realize that you’re big enough now, and no longer have that security measure.

But see that acceptance is not against anything, it embraces all the parties that exist in you and in others.

Without this “hunt”, love can prevail and fill you with a great satisfaction that goes far beyond anything that your outer world can give you, in fact this acceptance will create situations that you desire so much.

In each criticism that you speak or think, stop and analyze, because it is indicating a way to dissolve any belief that is keeping you from being free, and in each dissolved belief your soul gets a little more space in your daily life, and this is the ultimate goal of all those who begin the path of awakening.

Love is always the key, even if sometimes you do not know how to use it. It should be used first in yourselves and then it will be easy to start using it for other people.

I’m always at your disposal, call me if you need.
I bless you with the Christic Light.
I am Jesus, the Christ

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