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Jesus – I ‘m not the savior of humanity

Message channeled on October 28, 2015 – Jesus

perfil-rogerio-2016-para o siteThis channeled message was personal, but because of its importance and considering it might be relevant to all who read, we decided to publish it. Whenever an entity of Light Beings approaches the channel, they always have the “first contact in off” , i.e., a friendly conversation , and with this message it was not different. At the time of the channeling, I was beside her, meditating, and I felt a very powerful energy in the form of ebb and flow, like a wave, but did not know from who was the presence. It was a wonderful surprise to have received the being of Jesus. As they say: “He has always been here”. Gratitude!!!

Have a good reading…


– Hello, I am Jesus.
Channel: Jesus?

Yes, I Am Jesus.
Do not be so surprised in feeling me, because I am always with you, wherever you go I’m with you. In this incarnation you looked for me, but did not find me .

You came to me in the church for many years, and then in the Letters of Christ , but deep down you knew it was not in those places that you would find me, then you gave up looking for me, and that’s when Sananda could approach you, because He is part of me and I am of him, we are an individualization of the same I AM Presence that inhabit in so many others.

We met a long time ago ( you and me) and when you incarnated , you knew that the easiest way to remember who you were was looking for me , but looking for me in the churches was not the easiest way to find me.

All that you had to do was to look inside yourself and then you would find me , but you had lots and lots of possibilities of how to start looking for me, and you made ​​the choice that was best suited at the time.

That’s why you did not have much confidence in the words that said that “I would save everyone who handed me their lives,” because I really am not the savior of humanity, all humans are their own saviors and it is not possible for someone to deliver something that actually does not have an owner.

Life does not belong to anyone and at the same time, it belongs to everyone, my life is already yours and yours is mine, and we belong to all beings.

So the verbalization of this surrender does not make sense . I’m glad you have understood this concept a long time ago. When you came through the Letters of Christ, they led you not to me, but to yourself , and then you went where you had to come, you went in the only place where you can possibly be, in yourself.

I told you that the Letters of Christ were not mine, they were written with half-truths .

It is as if they showed the prison door , but said it was too dangerous to go out there, that the best thing to do was to sit on the door and ” enjoy” the breeze that comes from the outside.

But you had reached your big moment, and you began to detect energetically that there didn’t contain my words, and you decided to go see what was on the outside , and when you left , you realized it could not be different, you belonged to the outside , then quickly discovered what was the path that would lead you to yourself.

It has been long time that I wanted to talk to you, but often the frequency did not allow the conversation, but today I feel happy to be here to tell you a bit more of everything that happened and say: I’m here, every time you invoke the Golden Ray or the Christic energy , I will be here , but I am also when you breathe , I’m here and I will always be .

We still have much to talk, but for now that’s all.

Receive my love and my blessings , beloved sister .

I am Jesus, the Christ .

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