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Jesus – even if your newspapers show the contrary, the Light is moving

Message channeled on November 14, 2015 – Jesus

It’s Me, my friend, I am Jesus.

I told Him : Hi, my dear , could you explain what I ‘m feeling? ( You were feeling an approach with the invisible, it was like everything was merging)

Jesus : Yes , that feeling that you are having, as if you are entering a different place, it’s real, because with the last Portal ( 11/11) , the veil is getting more and more thin, it is as if you are starting to see what is on the other side.

The most sensitive people are feeling a greater proximity with us. It is hard for you to say what has changed , but you know that something has changed, so nothing should be a cause for awkwardness , because many things will change in your lives.

Gradually you will begin to feel more confortable with us and will also begin to not feel separated from the Whole.

It will be a slow process, because it is necessary to have a change inside everyone, but the energies are really pushing people to feel closer to the invisible, even if at first they argue a little , looking for a ‘logic’ in everything, and still it will be impossible for them not to enter the road that will lead to self-knowledge .

The alignment that the Universe did on 11 November caused an energy emanation that will last for a long time and other emanations increasingly powerful will still come , which will also serve to propel humanity and Gaya to its release .

That’s what’s going on, dear, you can already feel it, but as you have no record of what life is like in Gaya without this veil, you can not understand what that feeling was trying to tell you , and so I’m here , to show you what you still can not see .

We are all here celebrating the advances of Light, even if your newspapers show the contrary, the Light is moving .

I bless you, my friend.

I am Jesus

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