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Jesus – teaching message through Channel Luciana Attorresi

Channeled message on January 9, 2016 – Jesus

Beloved brothers of Light,

Today I am here in the form of the bearer of the Golden flame, pouring over you the wisdom and the Divine Light that exists within it. Receive it in your heart , close your eyes and breathe deeply, and then you can feel it.

The Light is free from any preference. All those who desire it around them, can feel it, because its access is always free .

Light is a great example of acceptance, it does not label and does not choose anyone It will simply go where there is an energetic resonance. So, when you think about Light, it creates an anchor and then the light comes, because it was attracted by the thought .

I am talking about the Light because what I want to say to you today is a very broad subject called “no judgment”.

In the Bible, there is a very ambiguous nature concerning the judgment, because in The New Testament this issue appears often: “Judge not”. On the other hand, it talks all the time about a God who destroys cities, condemns chidren, etc. And with this you have created confusing concepts of what is to have a notion about someone/or a situation and make a judgment. 

I want to help you to put light about this subject in your consciences, so that everything which is dark, can be dissolved. And then the situation will expand inside all of you .

Feel a person/ situation is to “read” the energy  you can fell in its presence. It  means that you are not being driven by any external behavior, not what the eyes have seen or what the ears have heard about that person. You base  yourself only on what you feel , on what has been said by your solar plexus chakra .

But the judgment is rational, there is always a reason, and of course you are always “sure and certain ” that what you are thinking or saying is true.

Imagine that a person made an appointment with you and she/he does not arrive or is late. What you should do is to look at what is happening and accept that the person will not come , just observing the situation , believing that if this happened is because of the energies, the frequencies which existed, which led to this result. There are no guilty person,  because the energies were added by all the involved .

And if the person wanted to take back, telling her reasons, once again comes into the picture the acceptance, in which you should be feeling her words with an open heart, so that you can be guided by plexus chakra , which will tell you whether or not it is possible to reschedule a date with her.

No “past” and no “future “,  only working with the informations that your chakra is giving you at the moment. 

But what happens most often is that in the first moment of delay, you already begin to search informations about the person, inside your mind, so you can have a rational basis for a reaction. Closing completely the communication doors to your chakra.

Beloved ones, every time you judge, a door of suffering opens, with a dense cloud after it.

This cloud is located in your auric field, “contaminating” you and leaving you each time more troubled and insecure with people around you, completely missing your connection to the feeling, this wonderful support system which can guide you in any situation.

But it only communicates when the mind stops working, because there is only room for one in charge, or  the feeling or the thinking.

Abandon the judments, and be more and more an intentional creator, because when you are angry, you lose the power to manipulate your power and your emotions , and start being thrown from one side to the other, by fear or anger .

When you pave the way for acceptance, your power grows, because you will be in charge, using a fantastic GPS which can take you anywhere .

Acceptance is love, you are love, so listen to your nature and allow the peace – in you and all – to happen.

Call me if you need me.

I bless you with my light and with the Golden flame.

I am Jesus, the Christ.

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