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Kryon – the disasters of the collective

Message channeled on November 17, 2015 – Kryon

I told Him : “I’ve been thinking about you these days”.

He, Kryon, answered: “Yes, I know , because whenever a Being of Light is approaching, you feel his energy, and this creates an alignment.

I Am with you always, I say I am because in Portuguese being is transitory and to be is permanent.

So I am with you always, because we are the same Light, but because of the experience that you are living in the third dimension, sometimes you did not feel me, so when I know that it is time for we to talk, I direct my energy and then you feel it .

As the Divine energies go forward, things change and everything starts to come into place, and this is not only in the colective, but also on the individual level. The collective disasters are just people returning home, and there is nothing terrible with it, as nature being harmed or the earthquakes that are happening around the world, for all these things, Gaya is being helped to keep everything at the level in which it should be.

The nature, that is the body of Gaya itself, is only expressing the dense energies that were being hidden.

Everything is much more elevated from what can be seen, there is a cleaning movement, and to everything be ready for the big expansion, the old energies needed to be released, and that’s what Gaya is doing.

The more thoughts of Light and Love are being emanated, the smaller will be the damage of the impacts of these releases.

Many people are wondering how can God allow this, and this question comes because you have not yet accepted the fact that everything changes, that you are immortal and that everything is just an experience .

It’s a great theater play, and not something that is unique and definitive, you came to experience what it was like to live in Gaya, and that’s what you are doing.

But being here does not change the fact that your thoughts create, and if you, instead of sending light, become complaining about it all, you will create more pain for your journeys and will also create vortices of collective fear .

A doctor, to operate a patient, need to be calm and confident that what he’s doing will help that person to heal. So it is with you, stay calm and confident that the Light sent is the best medicine that you can have.

You live important moments now, so be united and confident in the work that you are doing, as we are, because everyone is doing their best , so that love can move forward and remind you of who you really are .

I believe that this message will help many of you who are feeling helpless at this point.

Gratitude, my friend, for transcribing my words .

Come for me whenever you want.

I love you all.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service

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