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Kryon -You need to have confidence so that the harvest happens

Message channeled on January 24, 2016 – Kryon

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

What I want to say is very appropriate to mankind at this time.

Humanity is entering a very interesting period and all who follow the channeled and the astrological messages, know the importance of this year, but it still has a few minor reservations.

In 2013 , through several channels, I said it would be a year that could be practically on standby, that you could go into a closet and go out only when it was over. And so it was, 2013 was a year of recalibrating, because it was the first year of the New Era, and the energies needed a time for all to adapt to this new condition of the Earth and also of humanity.

Well, what does this have to do with 2016, the year of the harvest ?

Everthing, my dear!

If in 2013 you entered the “closet”, this year you have to get out of it for all to happen.

You can only reap the benefits if you are out there, if you are living your life .

Sitting, “sleepy” or discouraged , the harvest will not be made, or rather, it will pass in front of you and you won’t get it.

The fact that recent years have been complex can not interfere in the fact that you are here to live this experience without wasting energy and time to be sad or discouraged.

You need to have confidence so that the harvest happens.

This confidence should start in yourself and then in the Universe, God, or as you like to call it, because trust in yourself is trust in God, but trust only in God, as you were taught , is not trust in yourself, and it creates a sense of separation, victimism and impotence.

Believe me, you have to trust yourselves, so that the miracle of the harvest begins in your lives.

Beside this, humanity reached the frequency of having this improvement in many collective aspects, but to these benefits come to you, you have to attract them to yourselves. Without magnetism from you any crumb of this harvest will come to you.

Every day you write a page of your continuum. Think how each choice, each experience is important to take you where you want to go .

Be present in your actions, because they are your reality, in this now , as well as in many others to come.

Come out of the closet and start thinking outside the box, outside of the old patterns of fear and hopelessness.

Fill yourself with confidence and enthusiasm, and do it for yourself and not for the results , because what really matters about the experience is the feeling that it brings to you, and not the results .

I’m always here, just call me if you need.

I love mankind.
I Am Kryon

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