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Life should never be put on hold

Message channeled on December 8, 2015 – Inner Light Group

Once again we lovingly return to give you useful informations which can not be seen with your eyes, but that can be felt with it .

Your eyes will never show you the divine reality in this dimension, because they are not calibrated for this, they are adapted only to see what is going on here, so the higher frequencies pass unnoticed by them. That is why the beings of Light come to you, so that information can reach your consciousness, awakening the ancient knowledge that are stored within you.

The last month of the year is underway and thus, once again, the cycle is concluding . But we want to explain that this perception of  “ending”, which occurs in  December, is given with more strength to the collective, because in the individual each one has an independent cycle, i.e. , many are actually still starting cycles this month. So, when you think of December as a conclusion, you are not able to see life in a higher way, because in fact there is no end , everything is just a transformation.

Currently, many of you begin to make lists of things you want to the next year, as if only on the next year it would be possible to make the changes you want, leaving space to many unresolved things or to not living.

Life should never be put on hold, for example: “Next year I’ll be more relaxed .”

But why? Why do not look for it today? Why do not want to be relaxed now?

By doing these expectations, the desire is not created, because the magnetism does not work well, it’s always in the now, it can not be “scheduled” like that. If you want to be relaxed, be now.

“I want to be relaxed now!”

So, with that feeling, by the law of attraction, tranquility will be attracted to your frequency. But when you put it in the future, the magnetism will not bring this to you, because what is being emanated is “I do not need peace now.”

December should be seen as a wonderful month, as all the others, without excesses, only seeking tranquility, peace and joy.

It is a month that should be loved, and that the divine energy which is available with it, be used to live with love, respecting yourself and all that is around you. We are not saying that parties are “bad” and that you should not celebrate the dates that you are already used to and which make so much sense to you, but we are saying that you should bring harmony and well-being for your Being.

Enjoy the now that is and let the future reflects with your Light this illuminated Now.

Let the Alcyone Sun be over all.

Inner Light Group.

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