Mary – Portal 11/11 – The female power is invading your Being

Message channeled on November 10, 2015 – Mary

Greetings beloved children of the One,

The feminine power is invading your Being, but this invasion will not take something from you, it’s coming to you, actually, to return the power that you always had.

This wonderful magnetic energy is coming so that your experience can be harmonious and happy.

You have lived thousands of years with a very large imbalance between the male and female powers, in which the power of the feminine was scarce and persecuted , but since 2012 , according to the Creator’s plan , it began to be sent a larger amount of power of the feminine in your direction , so that it could begin the rebalancing of the powers within you.

But of course this could not be done from one moment to another , because neither of you was ready for this harmonisation , it was necessary for it to come gradually and made simultaneously a major cleanup in your causal body, so that this power could be assimilated in its fullness .

For most light workers who are awake now , this cleaning is almost over, and in the rest of humanity this work is under way , each one in its own speed, but it is happening to everyone.

With the arrival of portals 08/08 , 09/09 and 10/10 , it was created a kind of energetic grid where each portal was a step, and in each step the output of this power grew, until finally we reached the gate 11/11 , which is actually more than one step , it is a platform of that grid , and it will bring a female energy so powerful that it will remain for a long time , because all of you will need some time to assimilate all this potential.

The sacred feminine will be the door to selfconfidence , believing that you are God and you only need to believe in yourselves so that your inner power is released.

But to this selfconfidence really starts to happen, you will have to learn to trust the feeling , and it will take some time , but you will begin to see life through the magic and when the heart indicates a path , you will see it and / or follow it without thinking , just feeling .

Each day you will be more flexible and loving with yourself and therefore with everyone around you .

I address now to all people…

Darlings, do not resist the feelings that will bloom in your hearts, they are naturally yours, the power of women is only bringing you back what was missing. You will continue with your male human nature, but now you have the loving tenderness of the female power , which will never bring you anything but love.

When you open your hearts to these new feelings , the harmony will settle inside you.

The feminine power is a right for all , it is the door that will  led you to harmony.

Everything that exists was created with these two powers. Anchor them inside you through the daily meditation.

Love is being poured out more and more over you.

Call us if you need.

I bless you.

I am Mary.

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