NOVEMBER 21 – Mary make an important and urgent call for the interest of all

Message channeled on November 13, 2015 – Maria

We came because we think it is necessary to talk about meditation. (Note : Mary refers to the event that is being realized to stop humanity with a simple meditation that interests all )

When there comes a time like this , wheN there are so much possibilities of creating a window that will bring a significant change in the life of humanity , we can not waste it , we have to use  it with all the love and dedication.

So it is important that you, mankind’s headlights, join together to promote the emanation of energy so that the ascension can  be implemented.

There is a big possibility that this window will bring the result we are all waiting for…
… the freedom of Gaya
But it is important that the work to bring people together is done.

 That day, 21/11, many things will change in your physicality , even if the event doesn’t happen , because once the power is sent , it generates a force of love and Light , and this force will attract more love and more light for Gaya and for all  the mankind.

All Galactic beings will also be engaged at the time in this work , you will be not alone , but your energy is extremely important, because it is you who “must” do the critical mass , the veil can only be broken from the inside out , and it is you who are in, it is you who will create, inside your conscience , freedom for all .

We will be sending light for you to remember the commitment you made long ago , it’s the time for you to serve the Light and release Gaya .

Some of you are waking up right now to live this freedom day, to aggregate THE Lights that will be needed in this process.
Let us together create a better place , you already experencied what was the third dimension and your souls decided long ago that the time to experience ascension arrived.

We are here at your side so that you have all the strength: you need to focus on that important mission , which is to create the ascension within you.

You are honored and beloved , dear, because we know of your pain and your suffering caused by the perception of separation, but we also know that it is only a perception, because you have never ceased to be Beings of Light , full of love and power.

When you unite your lights , you can do great things.

Call us if you need.

I bless you .
I am Mary.
perfil Luciana

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: