Osho in the Company of Jesus – How long you will find normal to get nervous or angry?

Message channeled on May 12, 2016 – Osho in Jesus’ company

I’m the one you call Osho and I am in the company of Jesus.

Channel: It is a double honor for me to receive you.

Them: can we leave you a message?

Channel:  yes, darlings. 

Have you ever stopped to think how long you will find normal to get nervous or angry? You can be with someone or some situation, but until when?

Have you ever noticed that when this happens, you feel uncomfortable, but the situation does not change?

It remains an uncomfortably annoying situation.

You use a strategy that does not give the results you want, but you still continue, because you have not discovered yet the wonder that is to be at peace and tranquility to resolve the issues.

When you want to solve something and that annoys you, actually you are making a silent protest, sometimes not so much – laughter – against the universe, and most of you have learned that going against never leads to a positive result.

Some of you are already aware that every time you get angry, there is a low frequency energy accumulation in your energy field, but yet you do not change the strategy.

That is because there is a very strong belief/program that says if yoe never shake on something, there is a possibility of you to reverse what is happening.

But be honest, when did you had a fight with someone who has given you some “gain”?

There is always that “residue in the cup of the glass” there is always a residue, which is added to another, and another, and another after, until you get angry again with the same person or situation and all that residue creates a bomb inside you momentarily ravaging all the love and light of that moment.

Causing wounds that often last years without having a “gain”, only losses and afflictions. You are afraid of being made a fool of, being passed back or losing something or someone.

Anger and nervousness exists only in victimization.

Every time you feel victimized, you are liability of getting angry, because in your mind someone can “do something against you”, but when you realize that the Light that exists holds you and that it is you who attract, with your desires and thoughts, situations that you live, everything changes, you are more patient and loving, because you realize how much the universe hears you, every time you say: “there are lots of bandits on the loose,” so you are assaulted.

The Universe heard you! 

It never ignore your thoughts, your emotions or all that you create within you. It will tell you yes.

You are not the victims of any situation, on the contrary, without your focus they would never happen, so stop blaming people for having said this or that, because it was you who shaped within yourselves every word said or felt.

We will conclude by saying that before responding to any stressful situation or to a person that is yelling at you, think that she was one of your creations, made in a moment of distraction, and at that moment, if you use the love, you will create something very different, then let the situation happen, trusting in yourself and in the Universe, because love is an expert in creating happy situations and that’s what you have always wanted to live.

We bless you. We are Osho and Jesus

perfil-luciana-circularProfile of channel Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com