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Resist to death is not understanding the beauty of Divine transformation

Message channeled on October 29, 2015 – Abraham

Death is a very difficult subject for many people , because it is considered an end point, when in fact it is just a semicolon .

When you live with someone, you share energy from the same energetic grid, and when the person passes away, what you feel is not actually physical absence, but energetic , as if someone had diminished the power of the “living room lamp”. Before, you had an amount of energy in that lamp and now you don’t, so until you get used to the “new lighting” and begin to see what is the best way to change the amount of light in the living room, you will feel strange .

But what happens is that most of the time, which would be a quick adaptation, is sustained by the belief that death is a ” loss ” and that you “will not see ” anymore the person who is gone, what is not true, because you will always be reunited .

There is also the belief that everyone should be sad with death, and the ones who don’t are seen as “regardless” with the person who is gone .

Darlings, death is a passage , and the person who is gone is just living in another place , and should not be treated as a ” heavy” and sad subject, but with joy and transformation.

Resist to death is not understand the beauty of Divine transformation.

Death is life and life is death , and it’s all part of God.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator .


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