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Saint Germain – A message on this date to Brazil

Message channeled on April 17, 2016 – Saint Germain with masters Kuan Yin and Rowena

Note: Saint Germain requested this message to be published today  because of its importance  with the codes of love and transformation that it contains.

Greetings dear ones,

I come in the company of Masters Kuan Yin and Rowena to share one more message of love and transformation.

In the dream life you all wish to live, love and transformation are the support bases. I could not help but once again return to a subject that has been treated before, but that it is still necessary: the importance of the consciousness of who you are.

You are Light, workers who have the main goal to shine, and the brightness of your conscience illuminate other consciousnesses still asleep.

Unfortunately most consciences are still asleep. This means that what most people talk, think or do are just a reflection of the state of sleep they are.

When you are in the midst of people and begin to act like them, with anger, dissatisfaction and disbelief in the bigger plan, you are not making your lights shine to wake up those who are asleep. On the

How many times have you been told that everything is just an experience, and that nothing lasts forever, so it does not make much sense for you to continue to say that everything will always remain the same.

We know that your country is going through a time of change, but it is lacking love and faith, and without a loving belief in the transformation power of the universe, what will happen is that a corrupt will leave and another will enter, for there is no energy to create something different from that.

We are here to bring you codes of love through this message, so you can anchor them within your consciousness, creating a perfect connection between transformation and love.

Your thoughts and feelings must be different from most people because your consciences are awakened, so use your faith in the loving transformation of the universe to cherish the heart of someone who still sleeps, if by chance that person ask your opinion.

Love should be used without moderation, it should be spread in everything and everyone, wherever you are, this is your job.

Think Light, speak Light and act light.
I Am, I Am, I Am !!!

I bless you with endless blessings.
I am Saint-Germain in the company of Master Kuan Yin and Rowena.

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