Saint Germain – The game of mirrors of the darkness – Events in Brazil

Message channeled on March 17, 2016 – Saint Germain

Greetings dear ones ,

I return once again to talk about a subject that many do not like to hear or admit, I want to talk about the fact that many of you are losing yourselves in this game of mirrors of the darkness.

This message is for the Brazilian people , but mainly it is for all the brazilian lightworkers.

We are seeing that once again many workers are turning back to the Matrix and believing that this is all real.

Many are returning to old habits , such as the habit of having to do something to change the country, or the habit to believe that politicians “should do this or that” and worse, believing that an action is mora worthile than an emanation .

Dear Lightworkers who went to the streets , you at the time you did it, you believed that being there in the manifestatons was much more powerful than if you stayed in your houses, seated with closed eyes, emanating light and love for the country.

Believing in it is the same as saying: ” I have no power to change anything and that is why I have to go there.”

Believe me, you were also manipulated to leave your homes and to participate in these events, which have not yet finished, for you are still talking and sharing feelings of anger and dissatisfaction with friends , family and in social networks.

But how they (the dark ones ) can manipulate you , Lightworkers ?

Because you were in a low frequency, you were already unhappy with your life, you continued to watch the newspapers and were still willing to engage with the problems that they created to distract you.

Political or environmental problems are created to distract you, dear, first they create the problem and then, when and if it suits them, they show in the newspapers so you can meet these problems.

But understand , if you were not in this frequency anymore, you would not be concerned about the “future of the country” because you would know that love is growing and everything is being cured with it, and would also know that every day, by meditating , emanating light and love for all mankind, you would also emanate light to your country , and so you would be doing a much higher work .

It is in this frequency that you must stay, dear .

Nothing they have showed should go into your energy field , because there should only be the home of love, as much for yourselves as for all and for everybody.

Lightworkers , wake up from this nightmare and return to your posts …

Leave your thoughts, comments and even jokes about politics.

Go back to the frequency of love, because the forces of Light are in need for you to return to work , for your Light gives us energetic permission to move forward , taking care of the ascension in the ether .

We count on all of you here on Earth, so continue to emanate love out there, and we will continue to send love from here.

Call me if you need me.

I bless you with the Violet Flame.

I am Saint Germain

perfil-luciana-circularAfter that he showed me a gray cloud over Brazil , and told me that the time has come to dispel this cloud that was created in the past weeks, and that it will be dissipated with the love that exists in all of us .

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    That’s nice – but St Germain can be unrealistic sometimes. His team has been unable to make any breakthrough after years of trying and a number of ‘announcements’ of things to come. He seems to feel we should still have full faith in the team even though whenever we do, they let us down.

    We have no choice but to protest and try to do anything to change things. The Ascended masters just seem to give messages but nothing more…..