Saint Germain – Paris attacks

Message channeled on November 14, 2015 – Saint Germain

My dear friend, I’ve left several messages across the planet in the last hours, by many channels, and we thought it would be interesting to leave one for you too .

First, we first want to say that everything is fine, that what you see with your eyes and classify with your minds as something bad, is actually just an experience.

Send light to the situation and let it go

Do not fix in thoughts and vibrations of low frequency 

In endless conversations about how dangerous the world is and how terrorism is frightening.

You are the lights that watch over an entire population that is still asleep, so if you reduce these lights, distracting youselves with the dark, this population, humanity will be even more unprotected.

The Workers of the Light are the Earth’s staff, are those wonderful souls that are being repeaters of light, who are enabling the light to be distributed. You are forming a magnetic grid increasingly stronger, and each time the coverage of the Light can reach more people.

Imagine a game of chess, as much as you are winning the game, your opponent always has the right to choose to make another move. And that’s what happens.

The Light has won , the humanity, along with Gaya, has already been ascended , but it is a right of the dark ones to choose to use their free will to resist this victory .

But you are the players and also the game parts, so keep doing what you do best , that is, send light and love.

Do not forget that death is a passage to the other dimensions , there is nothing terrible about it, do not be attached , for your suffering diminishes confidence in the plan , so less light is emanated. 

Trust in our words, all that happened was supervised by the Galactic Confederation, to be respected the soul plan of all, all the teams of people who were in that place were aware that everything happened according to the individual and Higher plan.

Darlings, our vision is broader , so we see that everything is under control, everything is fine.

Keep your work , and we guarantee you that you are on track and that the plan is victorious .

Call us if you need .

I bless you with endless blessings.

I am Saint Germain

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