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Sananda and Mary – The consequences of guilt

Message channeled on October 14, 2015 – Sananda and Mary

Hello my girl, we are Sananda and Mary. We want to leave you a message that is urgently needed in this period, in which it is being worked the self acceptance and the complete elimination of the guilt.

Guilt means resistance , not being in the now , condemnation and self-condemnation . A person may require guilt to herself or to others.

Guilt is a poison fleeced daily in your consciousness and in your body .

The guilt eats away all the good intentions, it limits the ways and closes the doors .

Guilt is attachment in a pure state .

Guilt is a string that goes with you wherever you go .

And yet in many cases you think it’s a person duty to feel guilt for an act he/she has done, and if by chance this person does not feel it , you feel robbed or raped, arousing in you anger or hate.

Many have already reached the conclusion that they should not feel guilt of anything they do, but when it comes to the other , then the conversation changes a bit.

For example, if someone robs you and gets caught doing this , often a ” sorry ” do not worth much , you want to see that person trapped and feeling terrible about the act he committed , so you can feel better.

When, in fact , if someone steals you or make something that you judge as “bad” , it’s because it just happened to you , because you have attracted for yourself the situation. Not that the other has the right to bring you this, his/her part will later be harvested, but he/she had the choice of acting or not with a low frequency, and chose to do so, then the result of this choice is the same frequency as the seed he/she planted .

So the guilt does not make sense , not to yourself and not for the others.

When you do something that in a second moment you retain as inappropriate , tell the involved you did not want to have brought this suffering, say how you feel sad and unbalanced for this , and that in the future you will not do anymore this kind of action. Take a deep breath, let go of the situation and move forward . Without guilt!

You came to experience , and often you act through the ego, and it mostly does not calculate very well the situation, so often you find yourself in situations where you are saying things that offend or hurt people .

But when this is happening ,  tell the person that you realized that your words were harsh, express your love for her. Instead of feeling guilty , learn from the situation and do not behave the same way again.

In the same manner, accept when someone do the same with you. 

In this message there are codes that will help you in this process of  guilt elimination, either to yourself or to others. They are loving codes that will work with your sacred heart.

We bless you from the Alcyon Sun.

We are Sananda and Mary

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