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Sananda and Mary – We welcome you at this new time

Message channeled 28 of September 2015 – Sananda and Mary

Beloved children of the One,

To all of you who are attracted to this message, we want to say that you are part of a small group who were prepared to receive conscious this magnificent wave of energy and love .

We know that to your eyes, these last few days have not been completely different from all the others that you have lived in this incarnation, but we want to tell you that many things have changed in you energetically, many fears disappeared and you will come across similar situations to some that you have lived, only this time you will not be afraid, you will be able to be positive and confident about the Universe, and therefore, as your conduct will be different, situations will pass quickly. In fact they will only come because they were already planted, so they must still be harvested, but you will do it for the last time, because the energy of fear that made you repeat your low frequency conditioning, no longer exists, was deleted from your cellular memory.

We are very pleased to give you this good news, but we want also say to not talk about your problems with others, avoid that their energy install in your auric auric field, and then they will go away just as they arrived.

We also want to say to you not wait for the problems to happen in your life, because this return of some problem you thought was solved will not happen for everyone, but for those who planted, because the wait for problems appear in front of you for you to feel free of fear, will only cause you to focus on things that you do not want.

Live the journey that presents to you, be happy and positive, as these new energies will you support the transformation in your lives completely. But be always aware to your thoughts, your emotions and the frequency that you are emanating to the universe, because everything will prosper faster with them, and they make no distinction if the emanated frequency is high or low, they simply support it.

We welcome you at this new time, which is bringing the result of all the work done so far, both for the public and for the individual.

These will be wonderful time, full of wisdom.

Call us if you need. We bless you from the Sun of Alcyon.
We are Sananda and Mary


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