Seraphis Bay – the Depersonalization

Message channeled on May 6, 2016 – Seraphis Bey

Beloved children of the Supreme Creator, I am Seraphis Bey.

The life you know and believe that exist, taught you that you are what you show or what you think you are. People also taught that everything has a way. So if you are nervous, your body shows it with movements in your face, body muscles contraction, fast heartbeat, etc., and when all this is happening:

“You’re angry, you are angry.” But I ask you, is that you who are nervous, angry, or it is possible that this state is not part of you?

Many will not understand this message because they can not separate the person  from the Being.

I used above a negative example, a low frequency example, but in fact it can be any state, even joy. You are happy, but it’s not you, it is a state of your person, because to your Being, happiness is something else, it is the eternal comfort and confidence. For your being this is not a “state”, happiness just is.

It is impossible to separate the being of this profound joy, which for the person who dwells in you can be difficult to understand and even to find the joy within. This is because you seek happiness in the person, never in the Being, so if the person is not with a smile in his/her face, “she/he’s not happy.” That’s always your impression.

The person is the set of human characteristics, dictated by enablers and limiting beliefs that are part of her, so that emotions and  feelings, in this case, are transitory, one hour she is happy and the other she is sad, because the state needs a reason to happen.

The Being simply is, always cheerful, without no changes, he is the acceptance without limits. This makes the Self always strong and unshakable, but the person is vulnerable, like a balloon in the storm, to where the wind blows, that’s where it will be taken.

There is a way to unite these two parts, the Being and the person, but it is necessary that you take the first step, which is the awareness that you are not your emotions, you are not your appearance, you are not your way of speaking, feeling or doing things.

You are not what is reflected in this world. You are the nothing, the quantum vacuum that exists within this body, this consciousness. The Joy that exists inside you is that void where all things are actually created, when I say to unite these two parts harmoniously, I am saying to unite what is on the same frequency of energy.

So, to join anger with the joy of Being is impossible, because it will always be in misalignment. Joining insecurity, fear, worry, not acceptance, etc. with the Self will not be useful in any way, for those who want to become masters of themselves.

External joy, confidence, security, acceptance, etc, they are in perfect harmony and this external joy becomes a vehicle for the inner joy emanate to the Universe what it wants to do.

This external joy, despite being part of the person and not of the Being, is beneficial and brings back to your lives the mastery and makes you a master in this dimension, which is what you want.

You will never be able to become masters if you do not understand that depersonalization must be made, separating the person from the Being and after that, all that is not in harmony with the Being, must be abandoned.

The person or personality must be analyzed, and this analysis must be honest and sincere, if not the depersonalization can never be made. You are not here to completely eliminate the person or personality, this is impossible in this dimension, you are here to align with your being, that is, dissolving all that is not in harmony.

This dissolvement is part of a daily routine, it will never be completely done from one day to the other, or it would bring a lot of grief for you, and that is why this is done gradually, as you are raising yourselves, the dissolvement begins.

Of course there is your part, which is that of seeking this elevation, seeking solutions so that you do not feel nervous, angry, scared, jealous, as victims, etc., but simply that the search begins, to then begin the depersonalization.

The balance is in your power, do not hide behind the phrase “it is difficult” or “one day I learn,” because if some succeeded, it is because you can also be able to close the door to the suffering that the imbalance brings.

Be in harmony, Being and person, and all the doors will open in front of you.
I know that this message will be very useful for many people.

I bless you with the White Ray, full of balance and peace.
I’m Seraphis Bey

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