Seraphis Bey – How to align ourselves with our Trinity

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I was in meditation when I felt the loving presence of Seraphis Bey, along with the Great White Brotherhood.

He began to tell me a few things, and I decided to share them with you.

He began by saying that when we invoke, or call a being, in fact what we are doing is an anchoring.

“When you repeat 3 times a name or an intention, you are opening a call with the Trinity itself. So, you’re calling that Being by the thought, the soul and the presence I am, and this call is to be used when you want to open a faster connection with the desired frequency, not only with beings, but with any other frequency. “

He also said that most of the things that would make our access to high frequencies easier is forgotten, and when you recover this teaching of the call through our Trinity, it is a way to align ourselves with the frequencies we wish to access.

He also told me about how to do a prayer in a most effective way:

“When you are doing a prayer, it is nothing more than an energy emission at a certain frequency to the Universe. At that time, you may be asking something to some Being or to another, but you are actually asking to the All, because we are all One.

Then, a vortex of energy get out of you, towards the All, and that energy will be processed, transformed and addressed again. The reception of the prayer, the energy it generated, it will only be accepted if the person benefited by the prayer has a similar energy within him/her to anchor it.

In fact, the most effective prayer to do for someone and often for yourself, is that of desire Light, because everyone has it inside himself/herself and this will make the anchoring happen.

“If the person is going through an illness and you emanate healing, often she/he is not ready to receive healing and instead, if you emanate Light, that Light received will be added to the Light that she/he already has within her/him, and so she/he will begin to take it to the frequency of healing “.

I asked if he could tell me a little about meditation, because I know it is a doubt of many people, especially those who are awakening at this time.

“When you sit down to meditate and close your eyes, you already start to get out of this dimension. The act of closing your eyes is like if you open a connection with the invisible, which in fact is always around you, but the images, sounds and stimulus that surround you in this dimension, removes your perception of the invisible.

When you decide to sit down and close your eyes, even if your thoughts remain wanting your full attention, the connection is already opened.

“Being quiet and aware that what you are doing is perfect, the energy begins to make a vortex which at the same time emits and receives the energy of the supreme creation. “

I hope that this text makes sense to you, just as it did for me. Immense gratitude : D

Luciana Attorresi – Profile of the channel Luciana Attorresi

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