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Sirian Council – the “time” is running out

Channeled messages November 3, 2015 – Sirian Council

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Your time is each time more scarce , because the energy that sustained it no longer exists, what remains is only the memory in your minds . And the more you walk toward the new , more you forget its existence .

Your consciences are being adapted day by day to live without the time. There are complex adjustments being made very carefully so that you do not suffer.

Without the time , the only thing that exists is the now, and we know how much is still abstract for you to think about the now as something permanent, but you will understand it better as far as certain programs conected to the time are dissolved .

The more you commit to live connected with the now , even if you can not do it a 100 % of your day,  the more you will be helping your consciousness to dissolve these programs .

When you look to the now , suffering disappears, because fear, mostly, live in the past and in the future, in the now you can manage the situation through its eyes ( of the NOW ), there is no consequences , so it will not bring any sense of fear or stress , it will be only the moment being lived .

To each one is being given the instructions for these changes, some are getting them unconscious, and to others it is being given by the consciousness and unconscious, depending on the degree of awakening that each soul is . But everyone is getting these wonderful changes in their consciousness .

When you see a child with a few months, you see a Being who lives in the now.

When she wants to sleep, she sleeps anyway, when she’s looking at your hands or your feet , she is so absorbed that does not notice anything around her. When she is hungry or in pain , she does not think that it can be late or that she did not ” must” eat more this time because she will get fat. She does what she feels she should do, always .

Look at the children! 

They are a complete school for you, they are able to put into practice what you can not understand in theory, so learn with their examples, they are beings that show to your world the art of living in the now.

Each day your children are wiser and better able to teach you the importance of being whole .

Look, love and learn with your children !

We bless you with the light and love of the Creator.

We are the Sirian Council.

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