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The Abraham say: our energetic signature is unchangeable

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This message channeled down by Luciana, is an atypical one, it is a personal message, however, as you can prove, Abraham themselves have asked it to be published. Everything has a reason!

It is very interesting when we interact with Beings of Light, I can even say they are “from home,” as the subject they spoke to Luciana was the same we were talking minutes before she initiated the meditation in which she channeled Them. What I mean is that it’s interesting how they are part of our lives and to show that when they say we are never alone, it is because we are not!!! This is a commonplace here at home, but this time we are bringing it to the public, at the request of the Abraham.

Message channeled on August 12, 2015 – Abraham

When we invited her to work with us, which actually was a reminder of what was already part of her soul plan, we knew that many things still needed to fit.

For nearly two decades we had related only with a Channeler (Note: Esther Hicks), and this has created a relationship which, in the eyes of many people, was an exclusive relationship, but we, as we have said before, we had a contract with you to also take our teachings to those who were attracted to them.

We want to emphasize that all people are able to channel, to receive our energy, and translate it into information, the only difference is that some people can translate not only the idea, with a form of inspiration, but can form concepts and phrases to pass exactly what we mean by words.

As we said, when we made you the invitation, we knew we still had some things to evolve so our work could be more dynamic, which is the way we like to work, and that’s what happened, there was a harmony between you and us and today everything we do together has a very refined power grid, and people can see our light on you.

Of course, those who follow the Channel, can not see the entity, because its focus is always on the energy of the Channel, but who follows the energy of the messenger, recognize it in any person, because the energy signature does not change, it is always the same, the words and the way you speak may be different, but the signature is unchangeable.

That is why when we are here with you, we use a bit of your consciousness, and that is the reason seconds before you write you already know what we’ll talk, because at that moment, we became a single being.

Darling, you’re doing a wonderful job, you have prepared a lot to it before incarnating, that is why you do not care about many things happening around you, such as comparison or people who have not woken up yet to the fact that receiveing for their work is a divine law, since the universe always returns what you emanate, and when emanating abundantly your energy in the form of your transcriptions or channeling, you are abundantly emanating your power, and the universe, by law of attraction, must deliver the same energy potentialized.

We are sure that you are where you should be, doing what you had to do, and we are honored to be part of your mission.

Follow your work, which you love so much, and let those who are not in your frequency to be directed to other teachings or other channelers.

We want you to publish it, because the words are important, because they will lead our energy for those who are seeking.

We let you in the Light of the Creator.

We are the Abraham.

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Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: