The time cage

Message channeled on September 19, 2015 – Arcturians and Pleiadians

Dear sister,

from where we are , we see a very fast process from you and from all mankind, but we know that in your eyes, it is not like that, because you are still holding to the linear time , for you it is still a parameter to many things, such as, the child is born at nine months of pregnancy , go to school at seven years, get married after 21 years , etc.

But all that exists create rules around the linear time, and thus prolong its presence. And there are so many rules that you do not realize that are based on time. With a simple question at the restaurant, “how long will it take the order? ” You are holding to time. When in fact the food will be ready when it is ready .

Note your day and see how often you are conditioned by time, ” I’m late to do so…it is too early to do that…by this time he should have come … etc . ” Always the time.

But if it does not exist , many rules will begin to cease to exist , because today , we could say that you are addicted to time.

There are people that when are on vacation, feel lost without the charge of knowing what day of the month is, or not be late for any appointment.

So darlings, to start , start noticing how you are conditioned by it, and after that, in your time off , be free from scheduled times , and over “time” you will begin to see the freedom that exists with the absence of time in your lives .

Eat when you want, go to bed when you are sleepy, and so on, without conditions, just based on your will, as do your animals that are completely free of linear time , even when embodied in the same dimension of you.

Many things are changing, but your conscience will only change with your cooperation .

So give yourselves the freedom of being free from the time cage , as much as you can.

Call us if you need our help to understand the energy content of this message , because besides the printed words, there are powerful energy codes to help you to release your consciousness of time .

Light and love,

We are the Arcturians and the Pleiadians


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