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The vortex is a part of quantum physics, and quantum physics is part of the vortex

Message channeled on September 6, 2015 -Abraham

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I asked the Abraham about the relation between the vortex and quantum physics.

The vortex is part of the quantum physics, and quantum physics is a part of the vortex.

Everything in the Universe is intrinsic, many people try to separate it all by saying: “Quantum physics shows the universe from the angle of divinity” and others say: “quantum physics is the deepening of physics ever discovered.”

And we say that both are right, because quantum physics is the two parts together.

When we say that the vortex creates, it is not a figure of speech, it really creates: when you think of something, your brain sends waves encoded with your intention, and it begins to spin around you.

If your eyes could see it, they would see that the vortex is like a hurricane, a spiral, and what happens to the hurricane is that the more power it has, and that means more energy in the same polarity, the greater is its force of attraction, and this is the point in which the Universe enters, it puts at your disposal things or situations so that your vortex have to attract them, because the vortex only attracts what is similar to the energy it has.

If you think of a banana, you will not attract a snake, because you are thinking of a fruit, a food.

You can even attract orange and apple before attracting the banana, but the fact that you are attracting fruit is an indication that your vortex is in alignment with what you want.

The vortex itself had already been discovered by ancient physics, but the fact that this energy attracts the creations of the universe, this is part of quantum physics because it was the only one to say, without fear of retaliations, the observer status existed,  it is, need someone with an intention so that the energies were attracted to a certain point.

It’s like when you’re looking at a person on the street, and suddenly this person looks at you. She was attracted by your observer status at that time. When you desire to look at that person, you have created a vortex to keep looking and waiting for the person look at you, you created the focus that gave strength to the vortex and then the person’s gaze is attracted by the strength of this vortex.

This simple scene demonstrates in practice how the whole universe works: focus, intention and manifestation.

In the same way, if you feel like an unattractive person, and look at a person that you consider beautiful and popular, and when you look, you have a million questions in your head, for example: “Of course she will not look at me, she thinks I’m invisible, why would she notice me? I’m not worthwhile.

The person will not be attracted to you because the vortex you are creating has a gap,  and you will succeed, she will not look at you, because this is something you have to be sure, you always create, you always have 100% success in your creations, there is not a single seed that you cast on the ground that does not germinate.

I will share this video below, pay close attention to the initial text, see the synchronicity in this video that the Abraham speak. See also the explanation in cartoon that is, to the human being through the science of quantum physics, the proof of which the Abraham came to tell us here. If you need to stop the video to read, or to backtrack, do it, but do not miss a word of this video. The cartoon is the pure expansion of consciousness that a mind can receive by the most simple and easy terms, just the way the Universe works.

I, a long time ago, when I saw this video studying quantum physics, once I had an expansion of consciousness,. Many things  happened to me this week, the realities of our existences appeared in my mind as if I have to know the time. I called it the expansion of consciousness.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings that accompany you and then wait for the results, in the certainty that they will come (“it is physically” (laughs)).

We hope to have helped.
We leave you in the Light of the Creator.

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