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We are from Inner Earth, we are inhabitants of Telos

Message channeled on July 28, 2015 – Brothers of Telos

We are inner earth beings, we are inhabitants of Telos, that you already know ( speaking to the channel) because we have been here many, many times , we know each other for a long time already. We can say that you are our friend. Sometimes you were here, you took with you some memories, you consciously know it. We seek you today so you can transcribe a message to all those who are drawn to it. If you wish so.

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The city of Telos is an existing underground city beneath Mount Shasta in California. Argatha as well.


perfil LucianaChannel: Of course I do my dear .


Brothers of Telos : So we can get started.

All beings of the Light who inhabit the interior of the planet are living in a different dimension of yours. That’s why many scientists and fame hunters who search the entries of our cities did not find them, because they could not see them. Often these people were face to face to the entries, and we watched them, but they could not even see the entries and much less us, because they actually did not believe truly in our existence , they were actually searching to confirm their truth, and not looking forward to meet us.

Their search had not a valid purpose, so they could not open their dimensional channels to see us.

A few saw us because they believed in the existence of Atlantis and believed that somewhere there might be a way to find the truth that was being hidden from all mankind.

And to these few humans was given permission by their Higher Self to come and tell this story to people.

We have a very similar life of yours.

We down here have all that you have on the surface , but in a slightly different way. We have rivers , forests, sun, evening, crops , houses , jobs , union consciousness ( marriage), food, meditation , talks, plays, in effect, we are really similar to you , our difference is that we live much more.

What you call death, which for us is only the passage to other dimensions and body change, it takes a lot to happen , and so it is easier to accumulate awareness.

Here no one is stressed , here nobody cares about the accounts or the future, because here we know that the universe , which starts within us , is always providing everything that is useful to us .

So the concern has no place in our lives.

But we have memories of when we were in the surface and people close to us had begun to develop this fear of the future, fear of not doing the right thing , fear , fear, and fear.

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For the universe , everything is synchronous, nothing is coincidence, see that on July 26 the Channel had received from their mentors a message about Atlantis. If you have not read it yet, read it, as it has an explanation about the “fear ” that the dear brothers Telos quotes here in their message.

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So we know how this illusion makes you suffer, because that’s how we face the fear , as an illusion , and it is so strong within you, that you believe it is real.

Here when we want to experience something we do not have yet, we visualize and meditate .

So we keep this desire , this feeling that came in during the visualization or meditation , and we know that the universe has received our request, for He does not listen to the words or the tears, He listens to your feelings , and He will bring only what is in alignment with the feeling that is being emanated .

So from time to time , we repeated the views and meditations , because it’s like when you buy a new car, zero km, and until the store delivered the car , you are so happy with the situation , that from time to time you They go to the store website to take another peek . And that’s what we do, taking another peek .

We know that here the materialization is faster than in your dimension , but this process does not change , it is always the same.

What happens most often is that you make a visualization or meditation, believing that is not good enough, when in fact everything has already been created , it only need to come to you , and this attitude comes from fear , then you visualize and visualize and nothing happens , because fear always leaves you away from your goal.

But when you believe that something is possible, then everything is different, because fear can not exist when there is a feeling that is possible.

The possible is the brother of certainty, and generally “where one go, will go the other.”

We have so many things to teach you, we want you to prosper in your life in all areas , because that’s how we live here , and that’s what we want for you.

We know that many are awakening and many others will wake up yet, and that’s why the time we waited anxiously has come, the time to pass along to you all the knowledge we have acquired over thousands of years for you to break free of this plasma of fear and the you wish to be invaded by the Light, as we already are, because in the Light there are no shadows or darkness.

We will return again, because we have a lot of love to offer to you .

May the blessings of the Creator be upon you. We are your inner Earth brothers, we are your brothers from Telos

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