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What was the meaning of the Crop Circle – 31/10/2015 – Ipuaçu , Santa Catarina , Brazil

Message channeled on November 3, 2015 – Pleiadians

Beloved stellar sister, we will answer with great pleasure this doubt about the meaning of this crop circle .

The month of November brings within itself many synchronicities, and the most important of them is the Portal 11/11 .

And that sacred geometry we did, shows how all things are interconnected, and without synchronicities no plan or event would be possible.

So, by request of the Arcturians and the Company of  Sky , we did a piece of the fruit of life , which, as its name suggests, are the harvests that come to you through these synchronicities .

We are grateful for the opportunity to clarify once again

We bless you. Light and love.

We are your stellar brothers Pleiadians

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perfil rogerioThe subjects Pleiadians are talking about, the synchronicities, are also reported in this great text:

“This alignment becomes more and more intense until it apex on 11 November , at 11/11 , which will be, in this year,  a 11/11/8 .

In holographic terms, this means that Sirius and the Sun/Solaris have created a Vesica Piscis ( Author’s note : Vesica Piscis is an intersection of two circles with the same radius, in which the center of each circle is above the other ) or a Stargate , allowing powerful Cosmic and Galactic energies to be transmitted to Earth, which is in the process of birth / rebirth. In terms of Sacred Geometry and energies of the Sacred Union,  both Stellar Systems merge their energy fields , creating a Portal for the exchange of energies and the creation of something new.”

The full report, you can read by clicking here, I recommend the reading !

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: