William Shakespeare – awakening the stored consciences – Part 2

Message channeled on February 25, 2016 – William Shakespeare

Greetings brothers of Light,

I continue now  to tell you my story , my passage through the magnificent Gaya.

I had many interests, as all of you , but that one that gave me most pleasure was to write . Each time I did it was as if my body did not exist, and all the world simply dissolved , all that existed at that time was what was in my head and with the help of my hand, went to the paper. There was nothing more important at that moment .

Today I know that what happened was a very strong connection with the Universe , sometimes this connection was with my soul, sometimes with my angel friend and sometimes with other beings …

But when I was incarnated , I was not able yet to do this interpretation of what was happening to me. I knew there was this urge to write and also knew that what I wrote would somehow help people who came in contact with my books.

As I said in the first part , I often spent days and days without writing a single line, but those times were as if I had to dedicate myself to my pleasure, to be able to make space in my consciousness , so that all information reached me .

During these days of calm , I felt something as small puzzle pieces coming, of different subjects, and although they were small, I allowed that they settled , so that when it was all done in the unseen, I took my writing stuff and started to give life to the ideas and characters .

No situation I wrote was deprived of sense .

They were all working within the consciousness of those who read them , so that is why all my work was and is known in the literature. It is part of study in schools from many countries and also faculties of psychology , history and literature .

All that I wrote had to do with the emotions, I amplified them for people to notice their own feelings . Because as I said before , people were cold and sometimes without any emotion to the others .

A person did not care to see another dying in the road , in fact she passed, looked , and often wondered: “What this person did wrong to receive this punishment?”

Today it is almost unthinkable for most incarnated, but the people of that time were not like that because they were bad, they had this behavior because that was the frequency of the time, they could not see wanother way of being.

That is why in my plays dramas were gigantic, the pains were deeper and loves were those completely fullfiling.

Everything was expanded so when people saw the scenes, could awake in themselves the stored consciousness. Consciousness of love , freedom, cooperation and fellowship.

Within all the works there were specific themes such as tolerance , compassion , acceptance, and so on.

All that came after was only a scenario to proclaim these issues . In all the books, despite the pain, doubt and fear that existed in them , there were sources of light , and that is the reason of so much success, the Light that existed there was so great that it was impossible to bury it.

Today my works are no longer necessary as before, but there is still a need to work the same emotions that I brought in my stories .

We continue later , I still have so much to tell.

I bless all those who are attracted to these words , because they are from yesterday, today and always , simplifying, they are from now.

I am William Shakespeare


perfil-luciana-circularProfile from channel Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com