William Shakespeare – the message that came with the story of Romeo and Juliet – Part 3

Message channeled on February 26, 2016 – William Shakespeare

Beloved Brothers of Light,

I am used to write stories in chapters, so I decided to write this tale about my time when incarnated.

Everybody that surrounded me as a child and a teenager had catholic thoughts, though at that time Britain was fighting a great battle against the Catholic Church.

With all those fights for the power of God in people’s lives , I began to create in me a personal God, where there were none catholic or protestant precepts.

My God was more busy in taking care of people’s emotions.

Some people thought it was a moral part of me , but actually, for me , morality never existed , because it is only an overview of rules that are not written anywhere and it always ends condemning or absolving people .

Morality is the younger sister of hypocrisy, which in turn is the daughter of fear with insecurity .

I did not feel unsafe when writing about death or the internal fights through my characters, I did not think even for a minute if it would be accepted or not by the people , because I was absolutely sure that what I said was part of people’s lives.

The same joys and sorrows that I went through passed all those from my time and also pass you today.

In Romeo and Juliet, for example – it is still one of the most adapted books and most read in the world – I put love first, in different ways, but always love as the Supreme Lord of life .

In this story to death, even though tragic, it was in the background to all those who saw, it was the memory  that love has no limits and can never be locked in a jail.

The hatred that existed between families were nothing more than the individual and collective beliefs that dictate what should or should not be lived .

The love of Romeo and Juliet is the representation that when love is known, it is no longer possible to leave it aside; when love comes , everything must be scaled and adapted around it.

Some say that Romeo and Juliet is a synonymous of how much love is blind , for they saw that love was very inconvenient for everyone around you .

And what I actually showed was that young couple’s love was the most lucid of feelings, from two young people living in the now, leaving aside old rules .

Love is like that, overwhelming by nature , it heals , adapts, seduces , breaks rules and barriers , transmutes the pain and returns to life, all because it is the essence of life itself.

But those who can not get rid from the rules and taboos of society, still can see this story as a tragedy , the death as the end of the story.

But I see from another prospective , I see that its end point was when Romeo and Juliet saw each other and fell in love, because love is always the main goal of all beings , and when that goal is reached, the elevation of the being is immediate, so I decided to finish the story with death, because when you reache this enormous love within you , death takes a very small role in the plot . It will not be seen as something that wants to devour you . Oh no!

It’s just the moment you pick up all your Being and transmute into something bigger. But this is only for those who live by the love that exists within themselves

Life is love in small pieces, the experiments are the scenes for this search, a wonderful search everyone does in their day to day.

There was so much love in this story that it became a buoy . When trying to drown the story into oblivion lake , love gained power and brought it to the surface of the collective memory

So do not seek what is wrong in your life, seek which is the little piece of love available in the lived situation.

Love is the best reward and also the driving force for every change that needs to happen

And with much love I end this part , leaving you all the love that exists in me for myself, for you and for life , in this continuum present where we are all writers and characters.

I am William Shakespeare

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