William Shakespeare – what was behind my stories

perfil-rogerio-2016The channel Luciana Attorresi had the big surprise to receive Shakespeare. I would like to explain that the Channel takes a passive method when is channeling Beings of Light , that is, she never ” demand a being of light” in her public channeling, they always look for her , as Isis , the Goddess of Egypt, said: ” It was your light that attracted me to you, daughter of Mary.” The Channel had no idea that she would be bringing this rich channeled series that we present to you now.

There will be 5 channeling, and we will publish one per day!

Message channeled on February 24, 2016 – William Shakespeare

Greetings brothers of Light,

How great is my happiness to express myself in this moment.

My incarnation was during a very complex period of history, so I can say that it was wonderful because there were so many opportunities to experience the journey.

I know that today you go through the same time as before, when paradigms were being broken, voices that were shouting were being exchanged for those that sang .

It was as if the air itself was getting even lighter. That is what you are living , but you can not see the landscape I see, because everything is in progress , and human beings can not look at your own journey from outside , then all that you can see is the day to day, unfortunately you can not see the beauty of this experience .

Brothers, long ago I already wanted to bring you what really laid behind my stories and plays – nothing more representative about life than the plays – I had a strong connection with the Divine that exists in me, so I never wrote if I did not feel deeply inspired and that meant spending days and days without picking up a pen, because my Creative Mind was gathering energy and alignment so that I could receive information in form of stories.

That’s why I was also known for a person who lived life , as in the days of calm I deepened myself in all that gave me pleasure. I always lived in the now , I was considered a dreamer, but I could not disagree with people who saw me like that, because I really was a convinced dreamer, and my dreams made dreaming all those who heard or read my stories .

My creativity awaken in people their deepest emotions , breaking taboos and instituting enablers beliefs in their consciences.

I worked for Light with love and dedication , but it was not always easy and not always I had been in full possession of this Divine truth, sometimes I got lost between the lines of my own story , but every time I lost myself , a wonderful situation found me and It led me to the truths that I loved so much .

Nothing was simple at that time, everything was as it is today for you , with the difference that today, by saying that being happy is the most important thing in life does not put you in jail , as was the case at that time.

Almost everything that I thought was not easy to understand for most people, so I put those thoughts in the midst of everyday stories of the peoples lives, so they learned and created enablers beliefs by common situations examples.

I brought small doses of freedom and novelty to each chapter. Without leading people to confusion or discomfort , but those stories made ​​them questioning and the questioning led them to paradigm shifts .

My stories were full of symbols and symbolisms of the time, because these facilitated my work to set in the subconscious of people the possibility of a more balanced day , with more love and understanding among people.

I can say that my biggest mission was to arouse sensitivity in people. That time was not only the men who were cold , women also were, off course in different intensities , but the coldness of the people was something impressive to this day .

So when I wrote about love, passion, consideration for others and hope in life , I was actually implementing a new way of being , I was an example to many.

That was only the beginning , I will share my short story in some parts , so that everything that have to be said is said , without haste.

Dear Brothers of Light, I bless you in this Now where we all exist.

I am William Shakespeare.



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